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  1. No they don't. Its up to the lender and borrower to ensure charge is registered at Companies House using form MR2, as many charges are not on land. Land registry deal with and register charges on specific property titles only,
  2. Wrestlers pub is now a Thai restaurant the supporters club bar is only open to hone fans (members) tomorrow . not a lot near the ground but plenty of small pubs within 20 mins walk is a nice one
  3. They are not selling the front two rows - that probably account for around 250 seats
  4. Don't forget out of the allocation there are players tickets and box holder entitlements to take off, as well as away season ticket holders.
  5. Lee Gregory, - Sponsored by Wednesdayite members!
  6. But where will the locals take their dogs for their daily poo?
  7. Why bother with Vegas when we can all go to Fleetwood in February ! the sell on clause for the car park should pay out by then
  8. Unfortunately it was offered, By Tesco, to the club at the end of the Manderic era , when he had run out of cash. Tesco were desperate to off load surplus assets and Hillsborough Penistone LLP (Jaguar Estates) snapped it up. If it had been 6 months later then Chansiri may have seen it as a good investment, but by that time Jaguar had already embarked on buying surrounding land and buildings to get to the site they now have. The land cost Jaguar over £6m in total
  9. Thats correct V2 will go on sale once V1 is almost sold out (about another 675 tickets)
  10. Wasn't this adjacent to kop overlooking steve woodhead's portacabin office (ICO/Commercial office)
  11. We were allocated 1,779 so the big question is who /where were the missing 3 ! #findthe3
  12. You need four qualifying OUTFIELD players!
  13. He should claim of the operators public liability insurance
  14. Development of the site is due to start before Xmas, but weve heard that before! Once they get the rates bill(£9k per year) for the site they will soon dissappear.
  15. If you had poor service today it’s primarily down to not enough staff , if you know anyone who wants a match day job , please direct them to this
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