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Community Answers

  1. Do we really think Bannan decides to take the corners himself?
  2. I bet he’s f**king devastated. Very odd to bother him on Instagram
  3. It’s certainly radical. we’re playing sh ite so let’s not play our best player because that will definitely improve things.
  4. I must admit I didn’t think ‘offside’ when we scored and I’m just about in line. Could be wrong of course.
  5. That was as bad as anything for a long time.
  6. Just booked to see ABC with the full Orchestra thingy in Bath next year. It's the Lexicon of Love 40th anniversary tour and we'll be seeing it on our actual 40th wedding anniversary.
  7. I think I'm remembering this right but didn't teams who toured here used to play county teams as warm up and in between tests? I'm sure the Windies beat nearly every team back in the day. Also, England used to play loads of warm up games when touring but now they just seem to start straight off with tests.
  8. Also found this which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. Ford, Ellis, Mobley, Springett and Megson I think.
  9. Not sure who Forest will get better than him. After their 15th manager in 10 years.
  10. I know. It was too late to edit and thought I’d got away with it.
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