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  1. Came back 3 or 4 weeks too early and didn’t train before playing 90 mins? Wtf
  2. Shareholders can hold a vote but he is the majority shareholder so can’t be removed against his will.
  3. You can forgive a couple of heavy touches but Berahino simply can’t control the ball!
  4. Agree but we're chopping and changing anyway with the way Moore is tinkering with the team and setup. He needs to figure out his best 11, formation and approach asap and get some consistency. How can a new team gel when it's a new team every week?
  5. Moore should not be perplexed. We were 2-0 up and he failed to set the team up to see out the game. Bringing a hard working midfielder off for a striker is baffling. Not having any defensive midfielders on the bench is poor despite the fact 4 of the first teamers are injured, surely we have other options? We had strikers, wingers and a full back on the bench. Johnson should have replaced Brown. We needed to go to a 4-1-4-1 with 2 fast outlet wingers and 4 at the back. It was obvious from where I was sitting. Poor game management.
  6. Hunt needs to consider defending in the right back position
  7. It's a hard one to resolve. Basically our best footballer has become our weakness by our over-reliance on him, and his over-reliance on himself. I have to believe that the way he demands the ball to dictate play, and demands to take all set pieces must send a signal to the rest of the team that they are not good enough. You must have all played at school with similar players and you sort of give up a bit as you can see that they think they are better than the whole team. It becomes annoying. Then you make him captain to compound things.
  8. Don’t disagree but not all his fault
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