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  1. it's ridiculous too-this is literally why they have a massive squad to pick from. I think they made a big mistake in going for Grealish over Kane, and supposedly if they didn't go for Grealish they could have been in for Messi. They really need a top quality central striker.
  2. Maybe Pep just isn't that bright when it's away from the training field, he doesn't seem to be understanding some simple concepts.
  3. Went a few weeks ago, lovely place
  4. He was already middle aged when he got his mainstream success as a solo artist so it seems weird to see him as an old man so quickly
  5. I know but fans don't want their club to be the laughing stock.
  6. Well I've got several memes about City this morning, taking the mick out of them and their tickets, must be irritating for their fans!
  7. We have a big enough squad that we shouldn't need to be playing players who aren't fully fit in the first place
  8. Brown looked very good in the times I have seen him
  9. It must be exciting for a child to see so many furious grown men and your grandson must be a fan of schadenfreude, however once he's going Wednesday regularly and realises that it's the best when we win then it'll stop being as funny
  10. I don't think anyone played good but gave it to SB due to the goal, and was impressed with some of his hold up play however he should have buried that 2nd headed oppurtunity
  11. Pathetic, nobody thought it looked anything like offside hence everyone was celebrating for ages. If VAR exists it should be at all professional games- we pay enough money and should see the same level of officiating as other leagues and divisions do
  12. He does have a plan A however it's not very effective, we need a new plan A. He also has made the mistake in signing too many players- he now struggles to identify his strongest team and there are too many potential combinations
  13. I think they underachieve in fan base, these are one club cities with very large catchment areas and surrounding towns and cities that don’t have many clubs either.
  14. Leeds V Newcastle the 2 biggest underachievers in England imo
  15. “I would like more people to come to the next game on Saturday,” Guardiola told BT Sport after the 6-3 victory, attended by a crowd of just over 38,000. “We will need the people next Saturday, please, because we will be tired. I invite all our people to come next Saturday, 3pm, and watch the game.” I dunno-for me it’s a bit disrespectful, they’re good fans, they turn up, they get more fans than Chelsea or Liverpool in, in Europe they don’t have loads of floating fans and tourists to make up the numbers like other clubs have.
  16. The fans are annoyed because as we know fans take a lot of pride in their attendances, and their attendances are excellent but he’s still moaning-showing how out of touch he is because he can’t comprehend why these people can’t get to the games
  17. I agree, I’d get rid of the u23 team like other clubs have done. At that age you need to be playing 1st team games.
  18. Shang Chi: I sensed a stinker but really enjoyed it, some great humour there. I thought the two lead actors seemed a bit old for their parts but they grew into it. Some good surprises in there too
  19. And it’s famous he did that because it is so rare…
  20. Guardiola throwing their fans under the bus. He doesn’t have a clue how embarrassing that is to them.
  21. Apparently Jokanovic announced to the players he is the best manager they'll have ever worked under. I bet that went down with Wilder's cult
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