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  1. Are you sure you don’t want more than 14 minutes to decide which team you want to support around the Stuttgart area? Seems a pretty big decision to rush
  2. I don't think so, 300k wouldn't even sign Dawson/Wildsmith
  3. When you look at all these shirts together, again the thing that lets this seasons shirt down is the all blue sleeves, such a faux pas in a Wednesday shirt, really quite ruins what could have rivalled 7 for me
  4. 7 and 4 for me. Though 4s problem is more the fit and material than the design. 7 is a beautiful shirt.
  5. You would think that but when you look at commentators these days it's not due to match analysis it's because of their success/stature as a player (Lampard, Ferdinand, Shearer), or their personality/looks (Scott, Richards). Presumably the TV channels are now asking whether they even need to be ex pros at all.
  6. Sheff Wednesday league 1 is gonna be different to Donny Rovers league 1 though
  7. I think they're hoping people don't remember that punditry and commentary are different things
  8. Yeh. It's not odd-she's really popular. When was the last time the FIFA commentary made the news?
  9. They've shoe horned her in because she is super popular at the moment
  10. Yeh we will miss all those goals and assists
  11. Reach being linked with WBA is somehow justifying his pea hearted performances last season?
  12. Spurs should get him flogged, get a player from city and get Tammy Abraham in, they’ll probably have another 100m to buy 2-3 players. Easily will improv their chances. No brainer for me
  13. The purists will like that as it seems more logical that an unknown could get a job in the women's game and try to make the switch to men's football. I think a director of football/chairman mode would be good
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