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  1. MAGNIFICENT OUTSTANDING SUPERIOR We are the one and only.........
  2. Excellent as always M'Lord than you. The Mighty Sheffield Wednesday Nowt else matters WAWAW
  3. The one and only...... MIGHTY SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY Nowt else matters WAWAW
  4. You're getting old mate.......I was at the Isle of Wight in 1969 and 1970 so I guess I'm officially an old 'un. Would do it all again though,great times we had..
  5. Great album that mate, some of the tracks are on the 1983 Life/Live album which was the '83 tour..
  6. Typical Wednesday squad with Petter Rudi,this v Tottenham Hotspur on 21st February 1998. We won 1-0 with Di Cannio getting the goal.
  7. Thank you M'Lord ,top class as always. Nothing less than three points today for the Mighty Sheffield Wednesday please. Nowt else matters WAWAW
  8. The bloke with the white hair resembles Brian Connolly from Sweet......well just a bit.
  9. C'mon you Mighty Owls with three massive points.
  10. Radio Sheffield reporters can't get to ground so Radio Newcastle doing the broadcast.
  11. Someone on Owlstalk may know those mentioned who contributed so much to our history. Taken from the programme v Fulham in the Milk Cup 3rd Round on the 30th October 1984. We won 3-2 with goals from Marwood,Lyons and Varadi.
  12. This is obviously a very young(at the time,) Wednesday fan. It's a newspaper clipping from 1953 of mascot Brian Clifford which featured in the match day programme v Charlton Athletic on the 24th January 1987. We drew 1-1 with Carl Shutt being our goal scorer. Wonder if anyone knows anything about Brian ?.
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