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  1. had a season ticket at HJK Helsinki (not in doubt with their kit) for a couple of seasons but it became boring them winning every week, it was such as strange feeling
  2. No not when you support a club size of Wednesday. Different if living overseas perhaps, as long as they don't wear red and white
  3. Storey apart I really dont think sending back any of the loanees would make any difference to where we are. Oh how much money we have "wasted" this season
  4. i had that. Around the time of my earliest SWFC memories, inc young owls discos etc
  5. League table makes me feel sick. Pathetic from a club with such a massive budget.
  6. First half hour we were great, but Wednesday being Wednesday you knew what was coming. Inexcusable from all round including Moore who should have changed things much much sooner re Fis, Johnson and Sow.
  7. Being out foxed by Karl Robinson is depressing.
  8. Derek Geary looks younger now than he did playing
  9. Guess if we don't go up this season wage's such as his would be difficult.
  10. Belle and Sebastian reschedule Sheffield gig due to COVID worries
  11. Defoe could be our new "tricky Trevor". Throw him on for the last 20minutes or so if needed
  12. Quite a signing for them. Would have swapped him for Patterson tbh
  13. Yep, send to L2 and insist on him playing every week.
  14. preston player could have sent Evans through one on one in injury time if he had looked up, that would have been a perfect happy ending
  15. episode 2 of the new series had a Wednesdayite matched with a lady Blade (who lives in Hillsborough). Anyone on here?
  16. Same, once you've added beers, food, travel etc it becomes an expensive night out
  17. This week's sacking was for publicity imo. No way should that person have been sacked!
  18. Thought Coke at Grimsby would be the perfect role model and car share companion.
  19. Happy Fontaines DC have been added to Flow festival here in Helsinki. Need to sweet talk in-laws into taking our 4 year old for the weekend
  20. Every window is the same and costs us several points each time
  21. Ridiculous we are two weeks into the transfer window and haven't signed a desperately needed CB
  22. im definitely getting old but usually they get a couple of world-class names at that festival.
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