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Community Answers

  1. I really want to go but will risk waiting
  2. Didn't we want Francis out after finishing around 7th one season?
  3. Worse decision was pulling it back early on when we were 2 on 2. Kamberi was ready to knock it in unmarked five yards out.
  4. Don't rate hunt usually but he was outstanding in that first half
  5. Be on ifollow if overseas. Easiest and safest way
  6. .... Blast from the past on this weeks gadget show. Remember being excited when he signed but can't remember much. How was he?
  7. any rumours re Hutch? Crazy you cant bring in emergency loans for such instances
  8. its a worry he says hes no longer looking to bring someone in before the transfer window. Brennan has done ok but if we are seríous about pushing on we need alternatives
  9. I'm not sure Tbh when I used it (via Chromecast audio) but the sound quality from Spotify to cd on my home system was noticeable so for a quid it's worth a go.
  10. File next to right said Fred
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