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  1. Can't argue with the subs coming off. Berahino looked shagged and had stopped going with the fullback. Shodipo didn't really have the yard he had 1st half. Only issue for me was who came on. We needed to go 442. Kambieri with Gregory and maybe Johnson on the left to put a decent ball in. There wasn't the space to try get behind them. I'm gutted we allowed the game to be close enough the officials could spoil it though. Welcome to league 1!
  2. Off the top of my head I seem to remember both birmingham and derby did coverage our games against them in-house. Little bit of pre game discussion, non descript ex player and half decent commentary with half time analysis. Far better than what you get with ifollow and I suspect far more profitable for those clubs. For a team with so many fans outside of Sheffield, it’s something we should be at least looking into.
  3. Seemed to pull every shot from outside the box wide today, although one or two others were guilty of that too. I don’t expect every shot to rip the net but do we usually miss the target so often?
  4. poo waste of time cup and no one would cry if we got knocked out, but we have a lot of players that could do with competitive minutes. Wildsmith, Gibson, dele-bashiru, corbeanu to name but a few. Also decent opportunity to ease windass and shodipo back in when ready. Use the cup for better reserve team football
  5. Putting the shoe on the other foot, and knowing who we've signed on loan and on frees this summer, if we now signed a Liam Palmer for 200-300k I'd be questioning that decision massively
  6. I think there's enough quality in the free market to let Palmer go and reinvest that money back into the club. I also think that he doesn't suit left back in moore's system, so would be smart to get some money and swap him with someone who is. Joe Bennett is still a free agent? For example
  7. I don't think 300k for a loan is out of this world, as it'd be 30k a month roughly. That said I don't think any club should have to pay on top of the wages to loan a keeper who is highly likely to get a lot of game time they otherwise wouldn't get. I'd be looking at Palmer at West brom or maybe (over-ambitiously) Rodak at Fulham, who's now probably behind Fabricio and Gazzaniga.
  8. It's impossible to say Wickham would be the best signing ever or the worst without knowing the details in the contract. How much he would be paid weekly and how much would be performance based for example massively dictate whether its a good signing or not
  9. Any idea if they've sold out? Saying for me there's no away tickets available
  10. Does anyone know if tickets are (or will be) available for the port vale game? Seen on the port vale website that away tickets are available, but haven’t seen anything from our side. Any help would be appreciated
  11. The big bonus of no longer having 'in house' kit manufacturers is the possibility of now buying more competitively priced shirts elsewhere. I imagine shirt sales last season were poor because of how expensive they were for so long.
  12. I don't think wildsmith or Dawson have improved over the last couple of seasons, and the flaws in their game don't seem to have been addressed whatsoever. Regardless of what we do we definitely need to spruce up the goalkeeping coaching department. If players are making the same mistakes over seasons then that would suggest crap coaching. No chance in loaning in a <23 year old kid and expecting them to need no coaching during the season.
  13. Maybe I've got rose tinted spectacles on whilst fondly reminiscing about my younger years, but when we were last in league 1 I thought the atmosphere was half decent and Hillsborough was enjoyable in victory and (to a far lesser extent) defeat. Since then I dunno if expectation has rocketed, ticket price rocketing up, a different sort of fan has started coming or I'm more sober, but it's just been poo . I dared to stand up for murphys debut goal on the kop and the guy behind me moaned like f*** about it for the rest of the game. The club need to do something about generating some kind of atmosphere because I can't be the only one who actively avoids home games but do away games.
  14. Whilst meaning no disrespect to Cheltenham, supporter numbers and expectations mean Wednesday in league 1 would be a reasonable next step in his progression. If we are as tied up on transfers as we think we will be, then this sort of low wage loan will be exactly where we are looking next season. I suspect/hope to god the off season recruitment will be geared towards moore's 4231 play out from the back too
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