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  1. I question our attitude and application. Probably got the ability to do well, but my god do we look mentally soft again. Slightest setback and it all goes to pot. Got no chance of getting promoted if that keeps happening.
  2. He doesn't seem to know his best team tbh. Huge overhaul in the summer which I believe was actually led by him btw, not the club...but perhaps we've signed one too many and Moore is struggling to mould them into anything remotely cohesive. Suppose the alarm bells should be ringing when he decides to shove Hutch back in midfield. A bit desperate perhaps? In saying that, he can't legislate for players missing pens, keepers making howlers and legitimate goals getting ruled out. My problem is how mentally fragile we appear to be once again and the longer this bad run goes on, the worse that will get. Happens far too often with whatever iteration of SWFC you get.
  3. Nice bloke but it's not really happened yet. Worried about the lack of identity and a plan. Feel like I've seen this movie one too many times.
  4. Seriously, imagine if Dawson or Wildsmith had done that Absolutely woeful.
  5. We are very easy to play against too. Worrying.
  6. Er, I think you'll fine our players are 25 percent better than Plymouths.
  7. How do you quantify that figure ?
  8. Sounds like a right film that.
  9. Just like he has with corners. Oh wait...
  10. Has been the case for too long. I don't think anyone is expecting 90 minutes of relentless, pressing football, but surely we can do it for more than 20 minutes a game?
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