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  1. What makes me scream is fans having a go at other clubs fans for these bloody mess ups... yer club gets taken over by an idiot, you lose your voice, you lose any rights...You lose your ground etc etc...Waada most of us the p*ss outta the fans of the other clubs. Its the tribal nature of football fans that does us over The Grounds have been empty for over a year.... IF we ALL had done that for a bloody Fortnight, of our own accord, these sorry messes wouldn't happen. You won't get Wednesday fans boycotting Wednesday, nor Derby fans boycotting Derby...but a nati
  2. Nope...can't really think of owt to put in the thread....
  3. I bet Alonso has got a TV aerial though!!...Thats one up on some of our past prospective "Buyers"
  4. I'm sure the 55% won't be interested mate...and I'm of the opinion that the 55%.... should get their money back....all i'm saying is the 45% be given the option For me...I would sooner take the hit and sit next to a Wednesday fan who found he could afford to come bck...(Call him mrGgreen if you like) rather than an empty blue seat ASs for the pie in the sky stuff...Write a letter to DC ...he understands that sorta talk better than I do
  5. None iof 'em are Morgan...been there before...Its f.ookin' crap
  6. Yep...and would bring that in the season after next...I'm talking the coming season....and up POTG accordingly
  7. Anyone who wants a refund should get one mate....Ive never said anything different.......
  8. Going down a league will result in less season ticket holders....going down again will result in even less season ticket holders and going bust will result in NO season ticket holders...we need to put the brakes on now
  9. Its for a year mate..Its not forever,,,,and the should the club revive you have the comfort of being at the forefront of my regeneration scheme....
  10. Nah...You DONATE yer £200 to the a philanthropic gesture.... Me and Delpjon....then adjust a fair and just price for POTG and Season tickets the season after
  11. Not this coming season mate....I can't do it.....I could ask me son see what he thinks tho.....
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