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  1. Did that ex Wednesday goalkeepers target get Met?
  2. Only 25000 threads behind Carlos
  3. Well we are well short at centre back Iorfa has entered the crock club and u don't want to see Palmer there again Plus we have enough strikers anyway Why sign a striker for the sake of it
  4. I did my work experience a a calendar factory. I still can’t believe I got fired from the calendar factory. All I did was take a day off.
  5. Get him sent straight out on loan to non league/league 2 Level til January then see how he is getting on
  6. I like tennis and watching Wimbledon One of the last few sports that's not all about money
  7. Another tweet with windass chatting b#llocks
  8. Your seriously think this is down to the staff at Hillsborough and not Chansiri Have you learnt nothing since he's been here terrible 'offer' Any other club it's 10-20 quid a shirt But here it's still 50 but you get a game noone but season ticket holders will be interested in
  9. What a terrible 'offer' Another proof chansiri doesn't give a flyingF about fans
  10. Makes you wonder what these retail managers chansiri hires actually do The clubhouse is just as embarrassing as it was 15 year ago
  11. It's not petty it's good business sense Rotherham will still be paying their wages and insurance
  12. If sky lose the rights (hopefully) And a football netflix isn't possible Then I hope Amazon get the deal Amazon are brilliant with live matches Make sky look like cowboys
  13. Had his fair share of injuries but at that price it's worth the gamble Anyone in the championship would be daft at not taking that
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