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  1. My first time not renewing in 8 years because of it, in that time I’ve had one through been in the army and leaving and doing shift work (therefore missing roughly between a quarter to half of the games every season in those 8 years), just had enough of it all now, can afford it, just the running of the club doesn’t justify me spending £400 on a season ticket to miss half of the games.
  2. Not worst human on earth, but a definite contender for worst manager on earth. What chance do we stand when clubs are willing to loan us their new prospects and we do that to them? Sick of this club now.
  3. Yeah and the sweet Caroline one on the same thread.
  4. The videos of Wednesdayites partying on the A1 hard shoulder are brilliant, glad everyone’s in good spirits and hope everyone involved is okay (obviously).
  5. Yeah because we’re the only club in the whole pyramid that’s had or is going to have a game cancelled. Get a grip
  6. Nah sorry mate disagree, it’s a job to them, they deserve a life outside of work as much as you and me. Don’t live to work.
  7. Again, what’s the reason for the premier league players getting it? Their could be absolutely any reason in the world the players have got it, they do have lives off the pitch you are aware?
  8. What’s the reason for all the premier league players getting it then?
  9. There’s all the front blocks to give us aswell which they haven’t for some reason.
  10. It is including the front, this the 2700 (sell out) we got a few years back, so it would seem that’s our full lot, unless they open up some blocks to the side for us. I don’t think they let away fans right up to the edge of the top tier anymore for safety.
  11. We’ll see what happens when these sell either today or tomorrow! Fingers crossed.
  12. I think we’ll get more considering the trouble we went through to give them the bottom lepp, you’d think a decent club like Sunderland would return the favour. I think they’ll wait to see how quickly we shift these to see if it’s worth giving us another block or two.
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