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  1. No joy there unless the date you submitted the refund is where the ticket staff are up to.
  2. What date in July 2020 did you submit your email for the refund? I know they are now processing July onwards and wondered how far the ticket office have got, mine was 8th July for the season tickets. Still not got Bristol City tickets and coach travel back yet and the email was submitted on the 29th June 2020.
  3. Oh my goodness, Wimbledon Secret Service will have seen the post, it's too late, you're all doomed. Are you for real, come on mate, just don't use your own details, ie same info as on Wednesdays site, it's that simple. Tickets nowadays are downloaded, it's not like the days when you paid to get in and you gave a local address when asked at the turnstile. This ground is the easiest to get a ticket at this season. New stadium, the groundhoppers will be there every home game, so Wimbledon expect fans joining their database. Had a ticket on Mansfields end tonight but got caught out, knew I shouldn't have worn my Thurcroft pit N.C.B. donkey jacket.
  4. Agree, out of all the opposition teams we've played our squad should have been capable of getting more points than we have. After 10 minutes of starting a game the opposition can't believe how easy it is to play against us. We are too negative and don't play to our strengths. Moore needs to realise his tactics are not working and sort it out quick. I hope he does and we will get the results with this squad.
  5. You're kidding, surely not. Needs to improve otherwise another one who will get stick from the fans, reminds me of Reach last season
  6. Agree mate, how Palmer keeps getting a shirt, the opposition knows to play on him, no differant to last season. Johnson is as slow as Palmer, can't understand why Brown didn't play today. Wonder if there is an agreement with Middlesborough that Johnson has to play so many games as part of the loan deal, hope not.
  7. The players were not good enough today, not one of them can say I gave 100% for my team mates. Moore's tactics every game are not offensive, it's boring, slow build up and we will never kill the opposition off. Stop changing the team, play players in their best position and tell us you got it wrong again today, otherwise the fans will turn on you.
  8. Mentioned it in the original post, pay more attention,lol. Can't believe one of the Owls Talk police hasn't seen the title of my post and commented yet saying my post should be in the ticket section of the site. Still time yet and for the do gooders to comment about going on the kops of teams in the 70s. East Bank Republican Army were barmy, where ever we go we fear no foe, cos we are the EBRA.
  9. Going to the Baseball ground at Derby when we were band what a great day out that was. Weeks before, the police were saying any Wednesday fans would be ejected so don't buy tickets. Couldn't tell you how many we took but we were all over the ground and not afraid to sing.
  10. Don't forget Cheltenhams away at end of Oct, get joined up mate.
  11. Trains already booked mate, get on their end like I used to when I didn't have enough points. Rather be there to see the boys live than sat watching your phone, TV or listening to Radio Sheff Utd.
  12. It was a night game and remember one of our players getting cut and having blood over his white shirt, didn't have to go off and change it, unlike today.
  13. Always used my wife's email and name in case they contact Hillsborough. Up until a few years ago she was still getting emails from Brentford, Derby etc.lol
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