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  1. Points per game to this point will have them finishing on 43.75 (call it 44), so we need 5 points from the last 3 games and for them to take a couple of heavy defeats to hammer their goal difference.. Derby are averaging 1 point per game, which would leave them on 46, meaning we'd need 7 points from the last 3 games, which i don't think we'll manage. However, we could drop their ppg average down by beating them last game of the season! We need to not lose on Saturday and that i think will pile the pressure on Derby and Rotherham. I do think we're still in with a shout
  2. Imagine this happening to our current players; harris flies off, gets to the end of the car park and has no clue what to do next, gets caught and chinese burned Reach drops in to turtle position screaming 'not the face, not the face' Paterson sets off running with the players, is quickly caught by the mob, only to be mistaken for one of the fat stone island wearing North stand mob, eventually overtaken by said mob Windass blames and points at Joey P, sprints off and can't be caught Westwood goes back in to the ground injured before
  3. A player so bad, he gets a thread for having one good game. This is like the 'fair play award', nobody really wants it and it's usually given to the kid who gets picked last.
  4. The most bizarre thing he's ever done is to buy a football club in the first place. Astonishing when you consider he hasn't got a clue about either the game or business aspect. What must the people around him be like, to not try and dissuade such a crazy idea.
  5. I don't think Rotherham will pick up 6 points from their last 6 games. we will stay up on goal difference.
  6. I can't read anything put out by the bloke/guy anymore without feeling complete contempt. "Regarding a CEO, he repeated that what is the best for the club, he will do. He said it is not uncommon in Asia where you can take the role of CEO and chairman for example at the same time. DC said he has an experienced senior management team (SMT) in place and sub-committees too." A bunch of unqualified gimps, ruining the club with their ego jerk circle, all kept secret by their master. What a joke of a man.
  7. If only Chansiri's dad had pulled out....
  8. Ah Bannan, plays a useless pass and then flails his arms around at Palmer. Who made this donut captain?!
  9. Nobody is pretending that, like not one person has even mentioned it. Praising DC for anything is clearly beyond your capacity.
  10. I don't agree that his good gesture of paying the backroom staff out of his own pocket was undone by paying the players late. I mean, look at Spurs, furloughing staff using government funds to do so, whilst negotiating billion pound deals to be part of the new euro super league. That's shambolic.
  11. I really don't like the guy not one bit, but to dismiss the fact he's stumped up the wages of all the players and staff throughout a pandemic, when billionaire's are using the furlough scheme, is pretty poor form.
  12. He's paying the wages of all the players and the staff. Please post the video of you clapping in a new thread.
  13. I really wish someone would question Bannan on what he's thinking when he boots it out of play every kick off. Absolutely woeful play.
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