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  1. Think usually when our local journalists tweet stuff and I know joe crann been on here there usually “legs” in the rumers ? Might be wrong but usually if agent travel for talks then fee will have been agreed? Let’s hope we have better lined up? Someone who will play most of the season and be genuine partner for Gregory
  2. Can see dm going for Gibson can’t see storey coming back , although dean did ok I actually thought he’d be better? Was a mountain few times he played here for different teams? Think flint with Gibson and kid from gillingham either side at this level would be strong enough? However how much he wants and length of contract will be a sticking point? And yes I’d still take dean and see wot he like after a pre season and really fit?
  3. Great player on his day and capable of doing something out of the blue, However was injured most of last season and although I think if he’d been fit we’d have probably gone up? Didn’t look fit end of season and that’s where the problem lies.We need a fit and proper partner for Gregory and if we can get that sorted stand a good chance nest season.If he being allowed to speak to them looks like club ready to move on without him.good luck josh if it happens
  4. Think one of those who impressed me was diamond? Looked a threat near and tidy aswell? Don’t think dm will go for someone like dean( if wages not an issue) or flint ? And two younger ones ? Wouldn’t be surprised if lad from gillingham lined up? Gota have something in place with hutch dunks dean storey Gibson all gone
  5. IF we have better lined up then great? Looks like forward planning for a change? However it might be the player’s decision to leave which he entitled to . Thought he looked good in some games awful in others, hit a bit of form towards end of season but disappeared at Sunderland when their cb gave him and Gregory nothing. Think we need a better more consistent player to partner Gregory if we aiming for top two. Let’s hope we have player/players lined up to improve us .
  6. Think how dc s translation comes across can lead to people leaning one way or the other? He probably means if there a target within our reach and he thinks it’s worth it he’ll sanction it? Although let’s hope it’s the manager who actually wants the player not the chairman to make us happy, or someone else sticking there beak in! Yes we should have a budget and stick to it so we don’t end up with the circus that has been our club for the past few yrs!!!
  7. If money right sell injured a lot last yr and although got goals in him if we can replace with someone who can genuinely partner Gregory go for it
  8. Until dc shows his hand ( as in if he can/has got money ) to spend players like ladapo will improve us ? Decent goal return / games played at this level for last few seasons . Gregory needs a reliable fit partner? Windass if fit will help Gregory score the required 40 goals between the strikers which usually ends in promotion. Berihino Paterson kamberi only done it in flashes need someone else imo if we really gona take top two
  9. Very good player IF loungo is going would be great replacement, however can see him going to championship…maybe aswell as loungo .at least lols like we are looking at the rite type of player at the rite age
  10. Been well documented we out of embargo and can spend cash again on transfers? Now we might not HAVE any but seems to be a coincidence that someone reappears when we can? We’ll see
  11. Does make you wonder how far involved that certain person really is? Can’t believe that when your business has gone from bad to worse you still listen to the person that advised you on certain matters!
  12. A certain person turns up when there cash to be spent ….good job he knows what he doing
  13. Call me old fashioned but I’d rather have my goalkeeper to do the basics right first? Catching,commanding positioning? He was average at all above ( maybe bit harsh) but as you say decent on the ball ? And that’s the modern game for you because they all want to play like the Man City’s of this world ? Honestly thought he was ok but expecting better ? Cheers bpf anyway
  14. Moore been slightly different with dean than others? He put him straight in after signing despite not playing regular football? Brought him back in for no away too? Wonder if moore was a cb and realised wot a player like dean brings to the fore? Dean for me has to play if fit we need him hutch and storey who all are decent in the air to repel the crosses that will undoubtedly come into our box . Palmer has been very steady but still gets caught out of position now and again because he is not a natural cb. As for storey he did have a dip but thought he was back to himself Saturday and also with scoring should be full of confidence. Wise heads required tonight uto
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