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  1. Takeover slowing down Reduced parachute payments Gibbs White Going Home Karma
  2. Yabba ..Dabba Doo Not ashamed to admit it I’M LOVING IT
  3. They are hoping he’ll be playing at end of season play offs if they make them
  4. Tshimanga at chesterfield….banging goals in earlier in the season…be worth a risk
  5. Omar niasse left burton was a right handful against us at Hillsboro him and Gregory upfront
  6. Andy Carroll been released by West Brom
  7. Alex Neil always seems to have a personal problem with Wednesday Even at Preston he seemed to hate us Always comes across as a miserable sod But even more a miserable sod when he plays us
  8. Spot on mate Great player … Played well against us in both games this season Better than Luongo imo
  9. Finn Azaz……..Aston villa midfielder on loan at Newport County Was at West Brom as a youngster when Moore was there Villa want to loan him out again at a higher level Outstanding prospect….Moore needs to look a this lad
  10. Been fed up all day ..but the worrying thing is..come August… I know I’ll be full of hope and optimism again ….just waiting for that kick in the balls to come
  11. Well we’ll have to agree to disagree I was on the kop Atmosphere was great ..Unbelievable noise at the start and when we scored and for 15 mins after Admittedly not all game But no fans at ANY club can create an atmosphere for the full 90 mins plus .. in my opinion
  12. So the atmosphere at bramall lane and Elland road would have been magical at 0-0 mid match then ????????? But you carry on slagging Wednesday off mate
  13. On Sunderland forum…Their fans are saying after we scored the atmosphere was the best they have ever witnessed!!…unbelievable noise and scenes …
  14. Skill wise probably not …but they are young / energetic/strong players something we have to inject into the midfield next season Cadamarteri too Add him into the first team next season too Younger fitter players I put most of the late goal ********-ups down to our older players not being fit enough !!
  15. Luongo was shocking over the 2 legs semi Dele and Dennis in midfield next season Both adequate replacements for him
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