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  1. Decent unremarkable CDM. Underrated. Does his job, unlike some of the alternatives.
  2. Some stats to back it up for you. Cuts inside onto left peg then shoots - 8,647, 951 On target - 0
  3. Bannan easily. Got the energy and drive of a teenager. If the rest had 25% of his desire we’d be top 10. Thought most played well. Reach was next. Windass and Rhodes did well. Harris wasteful. All the defence were rock solid.
  4. In our current run of must-wins, it’s odd that Paterson or Rhodes have sat out, while the never-score Harris plays.
  5. No contest. Nuhui 3 times the striker Paterson is. TBF Pato isn’t a striker, so it’s not meant as a criticism of the player. Rank bad transfer-dealings.
  6. Thanks for spoiling my Sunday mate. I took a look back at my original post and cringe.Wont sleep tonight. Dawson, Wildsmith, JVA, Kachunga, Fis, Brown, Hunt, Penney....they all worked out well. Iorfa and Luongo were badly missed. And I think I can be forgiven for not predicting that our manager would somehow see Paterson, Marriott and Kachunga as better strikers than Rhodes.
  7. If only we had a striker who has scored 4 in our last 7 games on the bench.
  8. One thing almost certain. One of Udders, Coventry or Rotherham will tank. Less sure (by far) is whether we’ve the gonads to beat Bristol City and Blackburn. But if we do, boy will it get fruity.
  9. Where there’s life there’s hope. But we are on life-support.
  10. Yes. Beat City tomorrow and we are 6 behind Derby. Then we only need to get 3 more points than Derby from our next three games, to make our head-to-head a shoot out to stay up. That said we also need one of the others to have a very poor run-in. But yes. Must win to have any hope.
  11. Luton Town when the fans were caged in mid 80s. Could barely see the game. Like watching thru railings.
  12. Great to see. If you are on here Richard, all the very best of luck to mate.
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