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Community Answers

  1. Realistically, he`s only worth what we are prepared to pay. if that's 200k that's your lot Mr Hull City Just chucking money about landed us in bother in the first place, I'm happy for us to barter and remain strong and stick to our guns.
  2. Love the orange one, not overly fussed with the home one, its not offensive, just your bog standard Wednesday shirt. I've no Idea what's going on with the third one.
  3. Got to be, given there current plight. How the hell did we survive.
  4. Fully expecting streaming of games sooner rather than later. The technology is there along with the infrastructure. Be is sky or another provider, you will be able to watch any game live (certainly EPL wise) from the comfort of your own home. I expect clubs to push it next time they try and push a European super league.
  5. They have mate and hurt other league one clubs in the process.
  6. Also gives teams an unfair advantage with potential "rest weeks" if you look at it from a different angle. Also screws clubs budgets as they have budgeted for a certain amount of home games. The EFL have seriously screwed the season for league one clubs here. That's on top of the loss of a historic club like Derby. This should have been resolved weeks, if not months ago.
  7. I honestly wouldn't let it bother you. Far more important stuff going on in the world.
  8. Who cares, leave him to it, been here 5 mins and will be forgotten just as quick. Hope he finds somewhere to play
  9. I think you just say it as it is. Think some probably read it as being angry. You're just being straight to the point with how you view things.
  10. It certainly needs reform. Because it's really not working anymore, Derby would be the third club in serious trouble in as meny years.
  11. They will run it missing a team, it's probably to late to move teams up. They will have budgeted for the league they were in. Imagine like the season with bury it'll be re jigged at the end of the season. It hits other clubs in the pocket as well, as thats at least one game we all lose revenue for. Unless the other teams have been put on standby. That's the way I see it playing out. Would only effect Mansfield and Solihull, that I know of but you'd have to move clubs up all the way down to a certain level. Realistically this needed to have been sorted a few weeks ago. If Derby do go, I'll be sad to see them go. Grew up knowing a number of fans and stood on the popside with them and have a number of Derby supporting family.
  12. Only if you have a clubcard.
  13. I just like him as a player, always have done. Those injuries have cost us and him I think.
  14. He's got at least 2 years at championship level left for me. Which I'd argue (all be it at a slower pace) is roughly the same as the A league standard. (That's the good teams by the way, bit of dross in that league as well).
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