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  1. I doubt champions League group stages are that exciting when you are in them every year They'll sell out the knockout games.
  2. Still remember when Nuhiu scored a late winner there.
  3. Messi will be about 10 years old. Spend everything to get him he will be worth a lot in the future
  4. I have never seen a blue and white owl in nature before. but we play in blue and white. OUTRAGE
  5. not all pigs are pink, taken from google "In reality, only a small proportion of domestic pigs are pink. Most of them are black or yellow. While wild hogs are rarely found to be pink. They are generally in black or other dark colour and covered by sharp short fur." all is good Ian
  6. That overtime in the Raiders game was crazy.
  7. i havent watched any of the games so far but i would probably say Adeniran
  8. technically if your far enough away every kit just looks like a spec.
  9. Its why you want a 3 way fight. If Perez or Bottas were within 50 points they would be much less likely to crash. Hopefully Russell can keep up with them next year, I think he will.
  10. That was a great match. Hope tomorrow Novak Vs Medvedev is good. Should be a classic.
  11. What does "all ticket fixture" mean. says that all the time but have no idea what it actually means
  12. i predicted relegation. Seems ive pulled a blinder and looks a good bet at this point.
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