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  1. Can’t say Sunderland haven’t made mistakes at the back because they have. Difference is they haven’t been punished for it. when we ******** up it usually ends up in a goal
  2. Right now Sunderland have bags more energy. 1st and 2nd to every ball which we didn’t vAny of these sides and many others. They need a 2nd because even Sunderland ain’t keeping this up all game. Too hot.
  3. Bounced up just before he hit it. Terrible terrible keeping
  4. Very sensible post. The key here is we really don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes. Those offered new deals could well be on reduced terms, and they still may not sign. Wildsmith I don’t get but can’t help but think the club might just be trying to cover it’s bases. Plus, personally I think he’ll leave. Hutch would be great back room staff for players unless he still wants to play. Interesting Summer ahead.
  5. Sheer torture was watching the pigs the other night potentially getting to Wembley and even worse getting promoted. Sunderland at Wembley is a breeze. If they go up then so be it. Equally Wymcombe. In the famous words of Moore we go again.
  6. Sceptic says he’s holidaying in Mexico. Yes, it’s bloody miles away, but a hell of a lot closer than the UK.
  7. He’s mentioned as a nominee for their fans player of season by one or two. Usually a good indication. Get to Hillsborough and be a flop overnight
  8. Agreed, and this has to be a good thing. Young players with a sell on value.
  9. They really have had some wrong un’s haven’t they.
  10. The club shop will be selling the McBurnie foot boot. Put it on and put it in. Reyt money spinner.
  11. What I don’t get is why was he there in the 1st place. Apparently the pigs have a number of injured players, were they all there? why was he on the pitch with a foot brace on, thousands milling around risking further injury? Stewards should have been getting the pig players off the fields. Their poor little hoofs could have been stood on.
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