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  1. He’ll be a marked man in League One next season - there’s some right bruisers around who will want to leave their stud marks on him early doors. Given our financial position, we should move him on if a decent offer comes in IMHO.
  2. Well said, I thought the comment from our friend from Belfast was well out of order
  3. Should have moved him on at the end of last season - now he leaves on a freebie
  4. Felt a bit sorry for Rotherham TBH - fairly obvious that they would have got more points if they hadn’t had all those games in quick succession towards the end of the season
  5. He’s been decent in recent weeks, seemed to be to have been working harder for the team than previously. On balance, I hope he’s still here for next season
  6. Jury’s still out on Moore, no reason to change just yet
  7. Sitting out in the garden enjoying the sunshine. Looking forward to getting my second COVID jab later this week. Disappointed about yesterday obviously, but life carries on.
  8. I think we’re going to struggle in League One next season - don’t rule out us finishing in the bottom half of the table.
  9. Perhaps it’s because they think they would get an easy 6 points off us ?
  10. I think that’s a risk worth taking - we’re heading in a downwards direction like a lead balloon under DC’s ownership
  11. Yes, give him a one year contract. Make him captain if Bannan goes. His discipline and fitness record seems to be better now than previously
  12. I’m desperately disappointed, like everyone else - but life moves on. I think this pandemic has taught a lot of people - including myself - to keep a proper sense of perspective on things. We take away the positives and get ready to go again next season, as the well worn phrase goes
  13. I think another long and difficult season awaits us in League One next year - at the risk of stating the obvious, getting player recruitment right is key, and I’m not at all confident we will
  14. I think he’ll do a sound job for us in League One next season
  15. I think Wycombe lost their first 8 games - great credit to them for their fighting spirit and never say die attitude. But for that bad start, they would have comfortably stayed up. If they keep their manager and the bulk of the existing squad, you’d fancy them to be strong challengers for an immediate return to The Championship. Wish I could say the same about us
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