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  1. Years ago the MLS used to have shoot outs if the game ended in a draw because they couldn't cope with drawn games. The proposed concept will be what they're used to and they'll lap it up
  2. If that happens will it go down the MLB route? Team's travel to the US and play let's say 2 or 3 games over a week or two to reduce travelling times?
  3. Not sure many people are watching BT sports and pretty sure Skys viewing figures have fallen
  4. Well, they've wanted to reduce the EPL to 18 teams for a while now. Is this the perfect opportunity?
  5. De Gea 19 million plus a year, Henderson 15 million plus a year. How many games is Henderson likely to play in a season, a dozen?
  6. Rumoured that Mourinho is walking away with £20 or 30 million in compo depending in who you believe. Just shows what a farce FFP is especially when you see the "six" clubs are in debt well into 9 figures.
  7. Barcelona - Over €600m in debt Inter Milan - Over €600m in debt Real Madrid - Over €900m in debt AC Milan - Over €250m in debt Man Utd - Over £400m in debt There’s a reoccurring theme with these ‘top six’ clubs in the European Super League.
  8. Team's like Bayern are partly fan owned so can't see them voting to join?
  9. Smart money is on Amazon Prime. They've been looking to get rid of Sky covering sports for a few years now.
  10. One of the reasons football in the EPL and EFL carried on? Sky amongst other providers were looking at large compensation packages if football had been cancelled
  11. When Man U have 2 keepers on a combined wage of over £34 million a year on it's not surprising they are chasing the cash cow. Their wage bill according to a site on Google is around £130 million a year.
  12. Listening to the radio it's rumoured that Amazon Prime are behind it. The clubs are being called the scum 6 by the other clubs. Again it's rumoured that the clubs taking part in the super league will be getting around £4 billion
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