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  1. I've heard he is handy at stringing good passes together.
  2. They ain't going to sell any POTD tickets at that price in league one.
  3. That's official contact. We all know clubs speak "off the record" to potentiol signings to try and get in early. Reach, and the other out of contract players will have probably been talking to clubs since Christmas.
  4. Farmer needs to plough on now and keep progressing.
  5. I'm certain there are a couple of posters on here now who have turned up in the last few months who are doing this job for the club.
  6. Chancer knows exactly what is said about him and his lapdog Paxo on here
  7. There is no ST income next season from existing ST holders, so the only way of generating income is by selling new season tickets - not going to happen at existing prices OR sell plenty of POTD tickets - again, not going to happen at current prices. Unless their is a reduction in prices, the club will Have zero income from ticket sales next season. Ticket prices are going to have to be reduced. You cannot charge our current prices for league one football.
  8. Dion Charles. 19 league goals for Accrington this season in league one. 25 years old, out of contract. This is the type of signing we need to be looking at.
  9. He should have approached Howard Wilkinson the day he bought the club if he had maybe we wouldn't be the basket case we are now.
  10. We still have half of the play off final team at Hillsbro 5 years on mate. We havnt moved forward.
  11. Lovely pint in the club house as well. I go quite often when Wednesday are away. Friendly atmosphere.
  12. It's not a dig at the local hacks mate, it's that sodding website. I can't cope with having to fight through hundreds of pop ups while trying to read an article.
  13. Could one of you good chaps copy and paste the article please?
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