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Community Answers

  1. Of course, we aren't allowed to criticise Bannan.
  2. At our age we should know better than heading to Hillsbro hoping for a good performance and a win.
  3. Bang on. Call at Beres on way to the ground for a proper sarnie and avoid everything in the stadium. It's just over priced, unedible crap.
  4. Our midfield suffers as a result of Bannan , it always has. As good as he is , he makes us weaker in midfield ,not stronger , because he cannot play in a central midfield two .
  5. And they have the cheek to charge for that ?
  6. Bannan CANNOT be dropped, its the law Our midfield MUST be moullded around him , its the law. No matter how bad he is playing , he cannot be dropped .
  7. Sure he said that after the Plymouth game too, and the Morecombe game.
  8. Our midfield is poor because its unbalanced due to having to play a three to accommodate Banban. we have had this problem for years mate.
  9. He is a right back Play square pegs in square holes. Players played in their proper positions It's hardly reinventing the wheel. If moore think Palmer should be in the team then play him where he belongs.... at right back and leave Hunt out and pkay a left back at left back.
  10. We signed a left back, Brown, yet he hasn't played a single game in his proper position, while we contuine to play Palmer at left back. Beggars belief.
  11. . Don't panic, Thailand is still on the Government's red list. We are safe for now.
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