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  1. At the time I didn't want Rowett, feared he'd be similar to Monk and preferred us to get Moore but in hindsight, Rowett would've been a smarter choice. However, I believe the one we should've got was Ryan Lowe, I think he's got something about him and he's already got a couple of promotions under his belt and looks a decent manager.
  2. A consistently brilliant player for us, works his socks off for the team, plays some clever passes, reads the game well and he's capable of scoring or assisting in many a game, which is why many teams aim to stop him. Delighted he's still at the club and if we do go up, he'll have had been a big part of the reason why, along with Darren Moore; BPF, Dunkley, Gregory and Windass.
  3. Luongo's my man of the match. We've improved a lot as a team recently. Impressed with Dunkley; Hunt, Luongo, Bannan and Windass. Them and Palmer and Corbeanu, have hit form and driven us on recently. Luongo and Windass staying fit will be key to our chances of going up. Hope to see more of NML too.
  4. Been impressed at times by BPF; Adeniran, Corbeanu, Johnson, Hunt, Gregory and Kamberi. Hopefully we'll see more consistency from them and some of the other signings. Expected more from Wing to be honest but he could still eventually show us what he's capable of. Having Luongo and Windass back is like having two standout signings too. I'd say that so far that BPF; Adeniran, Corbeanu and Gregory look like being smart signings and quite remarkable signings, especially after last season and our past troubles on and off the pitch in the previous few years.
  5. Palmer's under-rated, he's still a decent dependable squad player for us. I'd think that Luongo would probably be top of that list for us, if only he'd stay fit and injury free all season. Same with the likes of Dunkley; Iorfa, Hutchinson and Windass, if we had them fit all season, we'd have a good chance of getting promoted. Despite that and taking time to gel, we're slowly hitting form and looking more balanced as a team, and we're recently looking more like a side capable of maintaining a top 6 spot.
  6. Imagine if every team in the world has got an Neil
  7. Voted for Dunkley, has he's looking like a commanding leader at the back and a beast in both boxes. Most pleasing to me is to finally seeing us with a spine to the team, looking more like a balanced team and seeing us comeback to win a game for the first time in a long while. If we can keep them fit Dunkley, Luongo and Windass, along with Bannan's cleverness and passing, would be a very good spine to the team or for any team especially at this level.
  8. Voted for Corbeanu, an outstanding full debut, was a bright spark and a driving force. A brilliantly taken goal and an very good assist too, an classy display, that bodes well for the rest of the season, if we utilise the flanks as effectively as we did against Sunderland. I was impressed with the pressurising, the work rate and energy of the team. It was by far our best team performance of the season so far. Hopefully we can put in some more displays like that, having more of an settled team or system and attacking teams and pressing teams like we did all night against Sunderland. Fair play to Darren Moore, doubted him but at last the team looks like it's finally clicked.
  9. 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2 *fingers-crossed Iorfa makes it alongside Dunkley. I'd have Hunt and Brown as full backs for better balance, with Adeniran and FDB as box to box protection for the defence but also driving us forward, Bannan and Corbeanu as attacking wide midfielders, and Wing or Shodipo to give support to the frontman. I think we lack balance and 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2 would give us better balance and we should play an more settled side, until we get the likes of Windass back fit. BPF or Wildsmith; Hunt, Brown, Iorfa or Palmer, Dunkley; Adeniran, FDB; Bannan, Wing or Shodipo, Corbeanu; Berhaino, Kamberi or Gregory.
  10. Ryan Lowe would be my preferred choice this time. He wasn't far off being that last time and since then he's boosted his reputation at Plymouth even further. He seems more attack minded and he's already achieved a couple of promotions during his short managerial career, that's on the rise. I'd much prefer an appointment like that than the appointment of some out of work has been. We need some excitement, something to believe in and to get behind, I hope when Moore does inevitably get the axe, that we do something different and go for someone like Lowe on the rise or some other lower league manager on the rise or some young coach doing well at some top flight club's development set up. Sadly Ryan Lowe, someone on the rise or making their name in the game as a coach, will be bonkers to come here whilst we're being run like an circus by DC. We need change on and off the pitch, from top to bottom to give whoever's in the managerial seat a fair chance to build progressively towards the future with some sort of identity.
  11. This is an interesting read about Brian Barry-Murphy, via WalesOnline regarding possibly being in the running for the vacant Cardiff job. DC's equally as bonkers as Cardiff owner Vincent Tan, so you never know, we could end up being interested in Brian Barry-Murphy too. 'Experience is coveted by certain voices in the Cardiff boardroom, but there is also some enthusiasm for a youthful, vibrant coach, capable of playing attractive football and, crucially, nurturing the young Welsh talent at City's disposal. Barry-Murphy certainly ticks all those boxes, and clearly gets a kick out of helping young players to develop. Talking about his role with City's Elite Development Squad, he said: "For me the most exciting thing is that when you get on the pitch with the players after watching them for so long to working with them day in day out, it’s fascinating to see at what different stages of their careers they’re at." In terms of the style, Barry-Murphy is a firm believer in the possession-based game. Rochdale had the highest passing completion rate of any side in League One back in the 2019/20 season, and were sixth in the same statistic last term. Barry-Murphy's first season also saw Dale notch up the second-highest tally for passes per game, and the second-highest number of accurate passes per game.'
  12. Can see us appointing an young coach from some top flight academy set up, could see the return of Brian Barry-Murphy... on the horizon. We've had journeymen; foreigners, experienced, etc. Time for something different, an young coach that promotes youth and more attractive football, might possibly be the next gamble after yet another failure during the calamitous DC reign.
  13. After last season I dreaded another season of struggle considering the years of mess on and off the pitch during the DC era ever since the two play off seasons. My expectations were raised with the recruitment, I didn't expect us to walk the division but I expected us to be in with a shot of making the top 6. More than anything, regardless of where we finish, I thought we'd look more attractive as a team, albeit more athletic, energetic and physical like we were when we were last promoted at this level. I acknowledge that it takes time to build a side and to change the mentality at a club after years of problems on and off the pitch but I at least, expected to see by now glimpses of progression, an identity and signs that the future might be brighter under Darren Moore. But we've not seen any of that, the same issues of recent seasons still persist: lack of energy; injuries, players played out of position, lethargic performances, lack of goals, lack of fight, dropping of points in leading positions and conceding of late goals. To me it points towards a mid table finish at best and little if any improvement on or off the pitch.
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