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  1. we only need to sell half a dozen shirts with that name on and FFP will be on the back burner
  2. irrelevant to us, we won’t be in league one next season
  3. an upgrade then ... the recruitment team have just dispatched at D-Taxi to your house ... viva Chansiri
  4. I‘ve got around £250 in 19/20 to refund (which is of course being kicked down the road by the Chairman) ... I’ve applied for a S75 refund as I’m infuriated at the delay. No joy thus far. I’ve got around £800 in 20/21 ST credit. My circumstances have changed beyond recognition since Lockdown V1. Im not BUYING a 21/22 ST, rather I will begrudgingly use the credit as I probably don’t have the will to peruse a 19/20 and 20/21 refund using legal means. I couldn’t honestly give a throw what division we are in, or the quality of football on offer. I find the actions of the chairman in seemingly refusing loyal supporters a refund simply deplorable. A ST holder of around 40 years.
  5. as no doubt will some supporters whose income has fallen through the floor
  6. is this legal? someone on here will know. im around a grand in credit ffs
  7. Same mate. I’ve commenced cc refund root for 4 x 19/20 sts
  8. that ‘resolution’ simply seems to be a means by which to publicly backhandedly criticize the Messiah formerly known as The Bus Driver
  9. We need a left back ... Michael Caine available?
  10. this probably is the good news, compared to what’s coming
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