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  1. Come what may, my man crush on BigD is strong ... UTO
  2. Pig fans getting giddy and deluded thinking Jokanovic is a done deal ... there’s more chance that pigs might fly
  3. As I fan of a club denied European football for 5 years in mid 80s (qualifying on merit and merit alone) due to Heysel, I’d be absolutely delighted to see Liverpool FC kicked out of the Premier League for 5 years over the ESL proposals
  4. Dear Football Association, Award the FA Cup to Leicester first thing in the morning.
  5. Shocking selections ... do Moore / Smith think it’s another non ‘must win’ game?
  6. And some folk think they’ll easily come straight back up ... seasons like this destroy careers
  7. If it looks like a pig, performs like a pig, and ... eerm eerm eerm speaks like a pig, then it probably is a pig albeit one on 2 x fotty grand a week that’s piganomics
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