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  1. 13 hours ago, Ethel The Tree said:


    Another 17yr old, he doesn't turn 18 until November

    He has yet to play competitively at U21 level but watching the first game of the season from the bench suggests he'll get

    his chance soon enough   :biggrin:


    I'm expecting one or two others to shine this season ... Jay Glover,  Leojo Davidson and of course Pierce Charles

    I think consistency in matchday squad selection will be the key

    That's a luxury Neil Thompson and Lee Bullen before him have been denied ... up until now?

    God I hope so.



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  2. There is a decent amount to like about Moore. 
    There is also a lot to dislike about him.


    Ultimately my issue is do I think we will get promoted under moore? No I don’t. That’s why I called for him out last year. 

    Fresh start this year but I have not been impressed with signings so it’s all about performance and results. If he gets them then I’m happy enough but if he doesn’t then I’ll call for him again.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Ethel The Tree said:


    So do I, but he'll only deserve the chance by performing consistently week in week out at PDL level

    The Bradford game might come too soon

    Who knows,  Luke Cook could jump the queue  :mellow:

    Exactly right. 

    Really want Rio Shipston to get a chance too but he’s currently not making the under 21 starting 11

  4. 47 minutes ago, Mister Soul said:

    This season might be a flash in the pan.. I think it’s unlikely.

    I think he’s got to a point of maturity and confidence that all players achieve at some point . He’s  head and shoulders above anyone out there at this moment of his age. 
    No reasons at all to sell such an asset 

    Him not signing a new contract and walking for nothing next year is a pretty good reason. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, Ethel The Tree said:


    We have to bear in mind he only turned 17 in May and although he definitely looks the part he was probably up against older

    and more experienced players today

    Also, this was only his fourth competitive start at this level

    The academy staff clearly think he's ready to make the step up but perhaps the odd game with the U18s would be good for

    his confidence?

    Also the majority of his work today was defensive as that’s how we had to play. 

    I want him involved in the pizza cup games this year but we have to give him game time at the highest level to progress. 

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  6. 26 minutes ago, Bouncing Owl said:

    We need to offer him a new contract. If he doesn’t accept, we need to sell him in this window.


    I want to keep him and he’s been great in these 2 games but we’ve got to be commercially minded in how we run the club and deal with buying and selling players. 

    Spot on. At the moment he’s worth more than a million but we have put ourselves in this situation. If he won’t sign a new deal take the money and invest it. 

    let’s be honest a midfield 3 of Byers Vaulks and Bannan with Adenrian as back up isn’t shabby is it.


    for a million quid we could get a cb and a striker 

  7. 4 hours ago, NorthernOwl said:


    Interesting how Alex Neil playing crap, spoiling tactics against us makes him a managerial genius. 


    But when we grind out in a win in the same fashion its evidence of Moores poor tactics. 


    Bloke just can't win can he. 4 points from 2 games this season and the negativity on here is off the scale.

    As I said nothing to do with yesterday the issues I have with Moore. And as I say I hope I’m wrong. 
    I just don’t think his tactics will take us up. 

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  8. 11 minutes ago, TheGaffer said:

    Thanks gents. Certainly disappointed with that news. Will be 6 to 7 weeks probably if it's a muscle injury. I'm not a physio though just basing it on previous injuries.


    We need to work out who's going to come in as last week showed Iorfa is certainly off the pace

    We need balance, if we dont get someone in we have got to give Galvin a go 

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  9. 29 minutes ago, Roy Of The Roasters said:


    It wasn't a convincing win TBF.


    But hardly cause for sacking the manager.

    People aren’t calling to sack him for today, it’s the bigger picture over a longer period of time.


    Im not calling for him. But I don’t think it will be long as I don’t think he can get us promoted and still think if he had gone at the end of October last year we’d have gone up automatically!!!


    That said I do like the bloke and off field he is making improvements so I do hope I’m wrong but tactically he just isn’t up to it 

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  10. 1 hour ago, Holmowl said:

    Take Bannan out of the heart of CM and there’ll be 23 very happy managers in L1.

    He’s brilliant in a 10 role. In a 2 man midfield he’s waisted. Playing him LM he can drift in and still be in the pocket or final third. 

    Best season he’s has playing for us was when he played LM in my opinion 

  11. 11 hours ago, Owlabroad2001 said:

    To me this makes no sense. Dean played 7 games in League 1 and was injured more than he was fit.

    Hector was our player of the year in the Championship.

    But I never rated hector in that season.


    Dean didn’t play much but when he did looked a leader, organised well and generally made us better. 

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