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  1. There is a decent amount to like about Moore. There is also a lot to dislike about him. Ultimately my issue is do I think we will get promoted under moore? No I don’t. That’s why I called for him out last year. Fresh start this year but I have not been impressed with signings so it’s all about performance and results. If he gets them then I’m happy enough but if he doesn’t then I’ll call for him again.
  2. Exactly right. Really want Rio Shipston to get a chance too but he’s currently not making the under 21 starting 11
  3. I hope he does. But surely if he doesn’t we sell rather than getting nothing (or compensation as it’s called) ?
  4. Him not signing a new contract and walking for nothing next year is a pretty good reason.
  5. Also the majority of his work today was defensive as that’s how we had to play. I want him involved in the pizza cup games this year but we have to give him game time at the highest level to progress.
  6. I listened. It is such a bad state of affairs that the club treats people like this. And as said on there there is no communication unless the club want something. Still customers not fans I’m afraid.
  7. Spot on. At the moment he’s worth more than a million but we have put ourselves in this situation. If he won’t sign a new deal take the money and invest it. let’s be honest a midfield 3 of Byers Vaulks and Bannan with Adenrian as back up isn’t shabby is it. for a million quid we could get a cb and a striker
  8. As I said nothing to do with yesterday the issues I have with Moore. And as I say I hope I’m wrong. I just don’t think his tactics will take us up.
  9. Dawson Iofra Agbontahoma Galvin Palmer Bakinson Adeniran Hunt James Sow Cadamateri
  10. Stockdale 9 Ihiekwe 7 Heneghan 7 Palmer 7 Hunt 7 Bannan 6 Vaulks 7 FDB 8 Johnson 6 Windass 6 Paterson 6
  11. Maybe. But we failed to go up last season with the best team in the league. If same happens again this when does it become fact rather than opinion ?
  12. We need balance, if we dont get someone in we have got to give Galvin a go
  13. People aren’t calling to sack him for today, it’s the bigger picture over a longer period of time. Im not calling for him. But I don’t think it will be long as I don’t think he can get us promoted and still think if he had gone at the end of October last year we’d have gone up automatically!!! That said I do like the bloke and off field he is making improvements so I do hope I’m wrong but tactically he just isn’t up to it
  14. He’s brilliant in a 10 role. In a 2 man midfield he’s waisted. Playing him LM he can drift in and still be in the pocket or final third. Best season he’s has playing for us was when he played LM in my opinion
  15. But I never rated hector in that season. Dean didn’t play much but when he did looked a leader, organised well and generally made us better.
  16. So basically 442 then ? If we’re going that way Bannan can only play LM. So: Johnson Dele Byers Bannan Smith Windass
  17. I was hoping we would have at least one new cb in for the weekend but as we haven’t I’ll stick to what I said before. Play Galvin LCB. Then move Ihekwe to the right and put Smith up top.
  18. Dean. Hector I was just never fussed about
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