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  1. The 11 now compared to the 11 we had at this time last year is so much better. But I still think the team we ended up with last year was better than the current 11. Its a very good start but Luongo is a massive loss and we need 2 new center halves quick !!
  2. Is this the Conor Wickham has joined pre season training tumour I’ve heard today ??
  3. I’d be very shocked if we weren’t in for Roberts should he be available. I would like us to go back in for Gibson but would have liked him in early for a full pre season. After that we need another CB. 2 wing backs and an attacker and that’s if we sign Wilks. We also need to get moving on the outs front aswell.
  4. Never gonna happen at that price was it. Think we’ll get it done and it will still be a steal at more than double that !
  5. His positioning and anticipation is shocking and with ball at his feet he’s a liability. His pace and power makes up for his mistakes. If happily flog him.
  6. Just my opinion I think moore was taken in by the pace and size like we all were but by now has seen that he’s actually not that good.
  7. In no order: Peterborough Oxford Wycombe MK Wednesday Barnsley
  8. Oh I totally agree he had to play RCB and was impressive but if we were to actually sign him I would put him central and build the back line around him.
  9. All about opinions as I say but I think Iorfa will drop and drop storey could go on to big things and Brennan can be a good defender at this level.
  10. Snap. This is my opinion on the matter. We play a two with one advanced role in midfield now where Bannan is the advanced. He will play most games and it’s the role that suits him best playing in the final third. So we can’t really get an understudy to him as A. They will be nowhere near as good and B. If they are any good they won’t get enough game time. So could we use Alex Hunt in that role ? Possibly but he’s not gonna ever progress with that. Or do we have the possibility of using a different type of attacking midfielder like a Windass who is more of a deep lying forward or Wilks who’s a winger second striker (should he sign). Either way I don’t see us getting anyone else in. Now behind them we have 4 very good options. Luongo Byers Vaulks are top draw at this level, add to that the none stop running or Adenrian and that’s 4 brilliant options there. The odd one out here is Dele-Bashiru. Now I think he showed some promise again last season but again was inconsistent but and this is the big but he will be unless he is playing on a regular basis. I would look at his age now to get him out on a season long loan, preferably to a team in our league. Make sure he will play. Get a good season of playing under his belt and take it from there.
  11. Iorfa is terrible he is just massive and fast and that gets him out of his own bad positions or gaffs more than owt. I would much prefer game time given to Brennan than Iorfa. If Jordan storey is available for transfer or loan we should do everything we can to bring him back.
  12. Vaulks Luongo Bannan Byers Adenrian Wilks/Windass not bad options for a league one midfield 3
  13. What is this poo !!! Get them in Greno Woods. No wonder we didn’t start playing until new year
  14. But how many of those tonnes have been genuine?? Really not many. I think there is the two we have, Dean and Gibson might be true then there is interest in Vaulkes and Wilkes but everything else seems quiet. I expect there are irons in the fire so to speak and they’ll just pop up then be done
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