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  1. In fairness l thought Bannan was a class apart today. Just wish he'd let someone else have a go at the free kicks n corners.
  2. It really shouldn't be rocket science in this league. 4 4 2 all the way for me. Get balls zipped into the box early. Surely we have a squad capable of that.
  3. We're trying to arsenal our way out of a pub league. Worrying thing is Moore has supposed to have experience of this league.
  4. Can only see a win for us today but It'll be carnage if we lose. Think Neil will have to beef up the server.
  5. Become very cliched. Bored with it now.
  6. Clint Eastwood Jack Nicholson Leonardo DiCaprio ....n a special mention for Sam Rockwell. Deffo not Jason Statham Steven Segal Van Diesel
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