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  1. I reckon @DoorDoor has invented a kind of holographic fish with brass valves that has massive knockers and a shaved fanny. PornHub were like; "No dude, that's too weird, have you tried - they are Sheffield Wednesday fans".
  2. The Mambo infused, Reggae version of "Twist and Shout" by Chaka Demus & Pliers. Honest. They took a raucous pop anthem and made it into joyous, fizzy Caribbean fun. Probably not what Lennon was imagining when he wrote it. I love the Beatles and have all their records. The most respected record label in Jazz is Blue Note. They have an awesome back catalogue and they also love the Beatles. Blue Note Plays the Beatles. 165 € for the CD on Amazon - I saw a used copy for 6.00 € recently. I love Blue Note Records.
  3. Have a look here - video editing software&gclid=CjwKCAiAtdGNBhAmEiwAWxGcUg6JaOC3Ulah7Me5Xl85EarWeVR3B7vZtVSeGaXluWCAq4CMbcdGsRoCx9EQAvD_BwE I use Final Cut Pro but that's Mac only and costs money. There's a free version of Da Vinci Resolve that is quite good, but not really for beginners.
  4. That's just mean and spiteful. You don't love me anymore.
  5. Mods, plz merge. We have 2 threads and Trevor one has 200 quid to spend on speakers.
  6. Dan, those Klipsch R41 PM are lovely, especially if your living space isn't able to accommodate big towers. I love my Klipsch RF7 but I really really want a pair of La Scala. Monica says no. You will have to buy them for me.
  7. Can you get Magnat speakers in the UK? It's a German brand, couldn't find them on Their Monitor Active 2000 sells for 200 € or so for a pair over here and it's got a phono pre-amp built in. Bluetooth as well. I like Magnat, had 2 or 3 pairs in the past. Still have a pair of their towers in my home office setup, although they have been tinkered with quite a bit - replaced drivers, rebuilt the crossovers, rewired internally... OK, the cabinets still have the logo on them
  8. RIP Robbie. The world is a worse place without you. One love.
  9. So it's one record shop... This bit is the best: “We would only have sold about three copies in total if we were stocking it, so it won’t make any difference to her whatsoever,” said Savage. I had five vinyl albums on pre-order with a November 19 release date, same as hers. They all turned up.
  10. I've seen Steve Evans without his clothes on.
  11. Snooty, you idle sod. Get yer finger out. This is the Official Matchday Thread now. Who are we playing anyway?
  12. Shiny shiny. What are they? Here's a picture of a Klipsch RF7 Mk3. 103 dB sensitivity. Almost five feet tall. I have two of them in my living room . Gimme some horns!
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