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  1. Found a vinyl copy of this a couple of months ago. Clean, well looked after, 15 €.
  2. How funky are you? Post yo tracks
  3. Dr. Lonnie's got a new album out and Iggy Pop is on it...
  4. Timmy Thomas' original 1973, mono recording - made on a Yamaha home organ... Sade. In 1984...
  5. I have north of 3000 albums on vinyl or CD. Can't choose between Bob's "Rastaman Vibration" over Kraftwerk's "Trans Europa Express". Today, Blue Note released their Tone Poet edition of Paul Chambers "Bass On Top" album. Out of print for 45 years. Miles Davis' favourite bass player. I tried to look after grandad Louis' dusty 1957 mono copy. Look at that beef!
  6. So this reminds me of Lo-Fi, cut and paste jazzy, laptophiphop - the sort of fun thing that comes out on labels like Cold Busted and there's only 1 copy in store at Groove City. What Kinda Music is far more sophisticated, quite clever in places. I enjoyed it, would listen again. It was also basically free with my Apple Music sub, who were getting my 10 € anyway, even if the album never existed. I'm glad it does.
  7. It's on Blue Note. I really want to like this because Blue Note has an awesome awesome awesome back catalogue, particularly for my tastes, the recordings that were originally issued with the 15xx and later 4xxx matrix numbers. The label has changed hands many times since the guys who founded it passed on. Sometimes for the worse, rarely better but because of that back catalogue, Blue Note will always have a chance with me. Downloaded to my iPad. Ready to stream. Report incoming...
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