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Community Answers

  1. My missus is wanting to watch Bake Off on catch up tonight... ....she's currently trying to figure out why the internet isn't working
  2. Good luck young man. Hope the treatment goes well and you're soon back and tearing it up.
  3. Oh I'm not saying we played any 'system' well. We just looked slightly less bad after the break that's all.
  4. Or get your wing backs up the pitch. First half we were playing with 7 defensive players at times - Bannan and Hutch just in front of what was effectively a back 5. Absolutely dire until he went to 4-4-2
  5. Hutch doesn't do it... usually sitting too deep. We don't have anyone with the discipline/ability to 'own' the centre circle
  6. No mate, you, (and I,) are just being thick. BB didn't play v Wigan. We won. BB did play today. We lost. BBs fault.. QED
  7. Totally agree mate. It's all Bannan's fault.... reyt. It's like the sh it that people used to spout against Antonio when he couldn't carry a struggling side on his own.
  8. Of course it isn't. Most of our players hiding. Ironically given the stick they get and the criticism of 'the old guard', only him and Palmer look like they want the f.kin ball.
  9. Agree entirely with the 'time to move on' sentiment... ...but to suggest Adeniran is somehow an improvement on KL is batsh it.
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