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Community Answers

  1. Looked great at the start of the season in the left wing position
  2. Notts County, Chesterfield, Buxton, York or Halifax away
  3. Hope your prediction is better than mine from last season
  4. Wildsmith Hunt Iorfa Hutchinson(Dunkley) Palmer Shodipo Bannan Adeniran Brown Patterson Gregory
  5. Nice try Darren but its your job to decide
  6. Ticket prices matter of course they do, my point is clearly about being pedantic about such a small thing.
  7. No offense, but have people not got anything better to do on a Sunday afternoon other that be a bit nitpicky about the club for something that doesn't really matter?
  8. Hows he doing? Hope he's recovering well from being shot
  9. Wasn't until he got subbed off untio i realised he was playing
  10. Also, i think Jaden Brown looks better and more dangerous in the winger position he played start of the season.
  11. Wildsmith 6.5 didn't have much to do but was there when needed Hunt 7.5 played well good assist Palmer 6.5 so-so Iorfa 7 solid Gibson 5.5 Brown 5 Bannan 6.5 Hutch 6 Patterson 6 Battled well Gregory 7.5 worked his nuts off and got a well deserved goal Berahino 6 ran his socks off but didn't play well
  12. Is their number 10 a fan who won a competition? Looked 3 stone overweight What were the stewards doing when that fat lump came on? All just looking at each other. Who was incharge of the scoreboard? Had Dom Iorfa down as an Oxford United player , and decided to show the championship scores, even though there was no games on . Very professional performance today, need to grind out victories. Atmosphere was shocking before the goal and pretty decent after, shame we need a goal to start singing.
  13. Im assuming from the pictures I've seen its down to covid and the players not getting mobbed by fans
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