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  1. I bet Beckham was gutted he didn’t know about that poor bloke opted to go to places like Milan and Paris on loan when he could have gone to Dingwall and play for the mighty Ross
  2. Young player doesn’t take up a registered squad player league experience can play a few positions ticks a lot of boxes for me, I can’t comment on him I knew nothing about him until the reports starting to hit. So I’d be making it up if I thought I could add anything on that front But I expected we would sign two more attacking players either wide forwards or strikers ( even though many think because we’ve got four that’s it ) I don’t buy into we only need 4 strikers, form, injuries, suspensions, fatigue and the bench. Plus different sytles of players means 6 is what I expected. I also trust In our recruitment if it came off. I can’t imagine he’d be one that gets the most minutes out of everyone but with a 34 year old Gregory it certainly bows well bringing in the next player to start stepping up cup games, sub appearances and the odd start here and there. I’ve no complaints if this is true. I still think we will be in for wilks too
  3. Disagree with that Gregory Has a chance this year to get promoted in his city of birth I would have thought Is a much more appealing season for him than playing mid table championship football where he’s probably going to a bench Warmer
  4. Who’s actually shown interest in him the administrators? There’s no owner or manager so where has this link come from? Who would of contacted the player Have derby got something like 5 registered players I know it’s not many. Maybe it’s the administrators job to get a team on the pitch and to be fair wildsmith would tick a box cheap and local it will fall into their admin minimal budget is of thought and for wildsmith it will give him a year being able to showcase himself at a big club and Christ he will be showcased anykeeper going in there will be busy
  5. If you got 2/4 school football teams or kids teams to bring a team and play a mini 7 a side game / competition you can even run a competition all season let them eat / get the mascots involved and explayers injured players or non picked players involved the kids will buzz off the experience and that’s how you convert offer their parents half price tickets you are effectively giving 20-40 kids who are football fans a real football experience each game get them hooked and signed up for life
  6. This will please those wanting to sign youth personally I don’t know anything about him apart from what I’ve just read in that link but I trust in our recruiting and it looks like a position I expected us to sign ( as well as wilks ) another wide forward but can also play wingback moore kind of player plus he doesn’t need to be registered as part of squad due to his age Be interesting to see if this is a loan with him having a lengthy contract still and him being recalled last year and making 10 appearances, it doesn’t sound cheap to sign permanently
  7. I think sky tv is dying off now less commercial places have it they got too greedy and priced a lot out more people taking it out of their homes with Amazon prime Netflix Disney smart TVs with Free view and YouTube and of course dodgy boxes people can get good TV now or adequate TV to satisfy their viewing needs for much less I took sky out of my commercial sites and home during lockdown I’d never go back and they are offering deals every month for me to return they are losing their market share at an alarming pace and it’s there for someone to come and take sports off them especially in next 5 years in my opinion
  8. Don’t think we will throw the baby out with the bath water on this and it seems like wilks is destined to leave hull and they are just making this public in this way to drive the price up question Is how long do we leave it? how much do we value wilks or what are we willing to pay? how much do hull want? my guess is if no bids come in wilks will be with us for bit far off what’s been offered and if wilks really wants to come here. He might not be interested in even speaking to anyone else his agent will deal with that if other teams show their interest in him
  9. We need to pay more I expect this to be drawn out for weeks now probably on the quiet leading to a withdrawal or an agreement around 500k mark either way if we go anywhere near 500k I’d expect we will be exploring other options and weighing up which one to peruse chansiri won’t just roll 500k out without a fight
  10. You know I read the original question about 4 times and read 7 letters and come out with my answer thinking I was hilarious turns out I’m a complete muppet who can’t read and you sir are bang to rights to pull me on that Let’s just say the original question said seven letters and not eight. B00bies was an hilarious answer right?
  11. Can you imagine on the stick Rotherham officials would get when photos get back to toy town fans of their best two players technically under contract ho Rotherham are still paying are pictured training in Wednesday gear
  12. There should be a help line to log this kind of thing a bit like a child line but for sensitive readers
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