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  1. Personally think mods should be deleting speculative posts like this! Any need to bring personal stuff in to it?
  2. Seen a lot of people say Tshimanga. Two things putting me off that one, National League completely different standard to League One/Championship. For every Jamie Vardy there are about 15 others who try and make the step up and are not as successful. Plus he’s come back from a pretty bad leg break I think? I mean not the end of the world, but takes time for a player to get over that. Look at Dunkley for example, spent two years getting him fit and then released him.
  3. I just hope we are serious about investing in quality this summer. Letting both Windass and Berahino go. All well and good, but need to replace with better. Both in my view could play regularly in the division higher.
  4. Would be a good experience for him. Would prefer him to stay but if he wants to leave, then so be it. Missed most of last season through injury.
  5. Yes a Burnley fan I spoke to said Dyche was losing interest in it all. Wasn’t particularly bothered when he left. Burnley could be in for a tough ride with their new owners. I suppose they’ve had their time in the sun for a club of its size!
  6. No I get it. Just adrenalin and elation when your team win something big. I will never get fans who run on the pitch having won a play off semi final though. Happens all the time, like Forest last week. They could well go lose at Wembley. They've won nothing yet!
  7. True but I genuinely think Dyche and Burnley was coming to a natural end. If they'd kept him I doubt he'd have been manager next season.
  8. Think Dyche was on his way out sacked or walking regardless of what division they were playing in. Didn't look the same gritty hard to beat Burnley side all season. They sacked him because they had just lost to one of the worst teams to grace the Premier League in Norwich and had only won 4 games all season. Only 1 win in their first 21 games. Agreed about the replacement though. Should have got a better manager in. But having said that 3 wins for Jackson in 8 games is more than Dyche had managed in 30. Perhaps should have got rid of Dyche earlier.
  9. Dyche won 4 games out of 30. Jackson won 3 out of 8. Burnley were always going down. Dyche was only taking them one way, it was a reasonable gamble that in the end didn't quite pay off.
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