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Community Answers

  1. As is usually the case in these situations, the fans suffer the greatest. Derby County is a proud club with a history to it. No matter what you think their fans don’t deserve this. Hope they still have a club to support
  2. Amazing series. Based on the true story surrounding the 9/11 attack
  3. Yeh there’s loads about. Have you watched Looming Tower? That’s excellent.
  4. Let’s also remember who came into this season with a reputation for reckless driving. LH has never really had many issues like this but Max? Well…….
  5. As I understand it, as he was always in front then Lewis has the right to take the racing line - which he did
  6. Shes hardly played any tennis during the pandemic because she / her family decided not to travel for tournaments. That makes it even more remarkable
  7. Yes. Horner was very diplomatic before the judgement was made, I think he knew Max was slightly in the wrong.
  8. I guess there can be a ‘percentage of liability’. Not like totally at wrong but enough to warrant a slap.
  9. Neither did I. Horrific crash tbh. I dunno, I see things like that and hear both sides and still don’t really understand the decision.
  10. Russell to Merc really excited. Another big challenge to Max next year. Just a thought - if Lewis wins the title this year, what are the odds that he retires there and then?
  11. Just received the call - refund completed.
  12. So they do 2 laps behind the safety car and that means there’s a classification and Max wins. They all get half the usual points. Sorry but that’s daft. Russell has his first podium in F1
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