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  1. I rang up about the Bristol money and they refunded me over the phone. I had had my season ticket refund though.
  2. Also took a quick free kick. Reprehensible behaviour. Bannan grassed him up.
  3. Too attacking and wanted a game plan. Dropped for being a bad egg.
  4. Needs to do what they do in bingo halls and shout "Shake 'em up" when his name doesn't come out!
  5. Not as entertaining or as much fun as the bloke in the Owl costume on the front of the Kop. What is that all about?
  6. Good game or not he’ll just have to go in the bingo machine with everyone and hope his name is drawn out next week.
  7. I hope none of those teams are on a losing run or having a scoreless run……
  8. And was subbed off because he was injured. Hobbled across the pitch at the end to clap fans.
  9. None of our players can pass to feet.A foot behind yes but not to feet.
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