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  1. Play Sunday League with a lot of Forest fans. They were as gutted as me. Derby rivalry aside, I've not come across any Forest fan that's had particularly scathing words to say about Wednesday... As mentioned, think the spending thing is the issue. And attributing that to "The Club" rather than "The Chairman." Can't wait to play Charlton again next season...
  2. We've missed Dunkley this season. Also, wee man trying to take charge of things. All will be for nowt. Rotherham will win and we'll get what we deserve.
  3. Goes to show the sheer anger of the fanbase towards the owners when a comment like that attracts zero disagreement. Agree with a previous post though - attempting a slow, relatively sustainable build would have seen us in a better position than where we are now. Instead of a scattergun, zero strategy, throw money at it and hope it sorts itself out, approach of the past five years. Embarrassing.
  4. Will definitely be looking at picking a couple of things up before I head over to the US!
  5. Cardiff had nowt to play for today and they've just mullered Birmingham. We shouldn't be at a point where we are relying on other results. It's like the scene in Saving Private Ryan. The slow, stabby death one. As opposed to the tank shooting down your sniper tower one.
  6. Aye. And surely that's Celtic's risk. And no slight on Liam Shaw for taking that gamble as well. Not the kid's fault he's gone for peanuts.
  7. Celtic did something similar a good five or so years ago with a relatively untested Australian, Tom Rogic. He was just cutting his teeth in Australia's A-League at the time, and had managed maybe one full season before Celtic became interested. He is streaks above where he would have been had he stayed in Australia for longer. Same read for Aaron Mooy. Both played against each other before each earning European moves. Development will come, as previously mentioned, with a better training set up against better players... Rogic's appearances:
  8. Think it's harsh calling him a crock considering his record before us. Doubt very much he gets injured in purpose. Also doubt very much the "wants to go back to London" rubbish is true as well. Standard Sheffield Wednesday curse.
  9. Thankful we've got Kieran Westwood and Tim Lees. Instead of Tim Westwood and Kieran Lee...
  10. Tactics are created in response to tactics. "Inverting the pyramid" is a fascinating read, and was written when the 4-2-3-1 (or similar with or without a "false nine" was *the* formation to play). Essentially predicted the one to outwit the 4-2-3-1 would be the 3-5-2 that we've seen incorporated in recent years. The next tactical step will again be in response to negating the 3-5-2. It's all cyclical. Managers playing fashionable formations because other clubs do won't result in success, completely agree. It's those who come up with ways to overcome it.
  11. Tap-ins and penalties don't count...
  12. Fully expecting us to get mullered. Anything under 4-0 would be a bonus. Shot on target would be nice.
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