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  1. He has even failed in his revised 'ambition'...
  2. Owners will need to adjust their expectations accordingly.
  3. They wouldn't. Which is the whole point. You shouldn't be able to make money from owning a football club.
  4. The word 'no' is extremely easy to say. 'fizz off' has twice as many syllables, but may be more appropriate.
  5. It's not like it HAS to be spent on football. They were willing to spend it turn football into a closed shop for the risk-free generation of even more money. If they aren't able to get away with that, it's not like there aren't plenty of non-football related investments out there.
  6. Football needs a complete reset; just in the exact opposite direction than these 'Super League' teams want. At the moment, football is pure casino capitalism. Buy a club on its uppers, run up a tonne of debt trying to get into the Premiership where you can actually make a profit, probably fail and waltz away from the smoking ruin you left behind. If you are a 'big' Premiership club, the exact same applies except instead of trying to get to the Premiership to survive you are trying to get in the Champions League. The solution of these Americans is to seize
  7. The 'punishments' can come with the fan-led review of English football. Take the owners' toys away rather than punishing the footballing side of the clubs.
  8. Of course they were. It is the so-called 'legacy fans' of these clubs that had the most to lose out of this. Watching their clubs transformed into the Harlem Globetrotters to play endless exhibition matches for overseas TV audiences against the same handful of clubs until the end of time. Not to mention probably getting kicked out of proper football.
  9. They must have not been expecting the sheer level of backlash from every possible angle. There was a suggestion earlier than Man City board members were feeling like they had been deceived in some way. Perhaps they thought more of the other big European names were already on board than was actually the case.
  10. The league can't sue them if the league doesn't exist. Is the Real Madrid guy still insisting that this will go ahead?
  11. I find it hard to imagine anyone who has actually played professional football would be interested in this...
  12. They need the big 'brands' though or it won't work. Not much of an 'Elite Soccer League' if most of the big clubs aren't in it.
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