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  1. It’s becoming decision time on the matter that’s for sure. We simply can’t let him walk for pittance next summer. He’s been a breathe of fresh air the last 2 weeks, but if he’s not prepared to commit them I think we need to sell.
  2. Only Sotona was a genuine link though. Stevens & Mighten are only names I’ve seen mentioned here
  3. Hit a different level these first 2 games to anything I’ve seen from him prior. I do think I like him in a more advance role.
  4. I actually think he’s perfect for the RCB or LCB role in a back 3 rather than as a RWB. Thought he was great today.
  5. Agreed. Steady performance, protected the defence. Not always the most eye catching role, but he did well.
  6. It was that period in the 2nd half that worried me where I thought “oh here we go”. It needed a change, thought it came 5/10 minutes later than it should have but we really managed the game well in the last 10. I was also glad he didn’t throw iorfa back in when Famewo went off, Palmer was outstanding.
  7. Those substitutions were important. Little rocky spell in the 2nd half but I’ll happily take a scrappy 1-0.
  8. So? We weren’t playing football anyways. Bannan isn’t untouchable. Wasn’t his best performance.
  9. He’s done right thing there. Bannan was rightly sacrificed. Looks a back 4?
  10. The system needs to change to 541 or 4231. We need to get a grip out wide.
  11. Was my hope too that we would be more flexible in game. Doesn’t appear to be happening. Some managers would be making those subs fans don’t like where they take off a striker and put another defensive player on to get a grip.
  12. Bannan needs to calm down. I want my captain talking, organising & keeping everyone focused.
  13. No sign at all. They open up & It becomes a 2 v 1 at our wing back which drags a CB or CM across. This is where we chance to a system that counters the overload they are creating.
  14. This is where a system change would come in useful. They’re a little on top, finding space. We are pressing at the wrong times leaving space. Be good to just get 2 solid banks protecting the keeper.
  15. FDB should of rolled that back. Think Ihiekwe has looked great. Defence looks much more comfortable. Shame about Famewo, I really liked the balance.
  16. Yep we did. Could be something useful tomorrow.
  17. Gulps. Likely a change in system then? Although I think it would be more a 343/541 rather than change for a back 4.
  18. I said he’s more likely to play at Oxford? Just would of loved this type of signing to be permanent, which was reported I think when us & Portsmouth were originally linked because as they couldn’t pay a fee and we could. I agree, although I don’t think Moore has been in a job with such high demand on promotion, so appears he prefers the tried and tested players.
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