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  1. Not to mention he’s not played since February due to a fractured leg & dislocated ankle.
  2. I’d take Cahill in a heart beat but just don’t think it’s realistic. He will likely have better options such as moving abroad. He’s just played a part of a promotion to the PL and his 2 years prior to that he was part of a very solid Palace side. I doubt his ability has nosedived the way some are suggesting. If Rotherham can get promoted with a 36 year old Richard Wood in the heart of their defence then I’m sure Sheffield Wednesday can with a 36 year old Gary Cahill.
  3. I’d really like this transfer to happen. I like Windass as a player but I have a few logical reasons why I think a transfer is good for both… Say the fee is anything between £1m-£2m for example, that would make very little difference in the Championship. However in L1 reinventing that money could bring you in 2/3 top players at this level. Not to mention he’s likely paid very well for a L1 player. Secondly, no matter how good he is, he’s constantly struggled with injuries. Missed loads of last season and even back in 19/20 when he signed he was injured at Wigan and then injured at Wednesday also. Finally, what an experience for Windass! It’s no mugs league down there. How many British players have the opportunity to play in such a historic division.
  4. Posted this another thread but guess it has relevance to this one also… Windass’ agency is ICM Stellar Sports. His most recently followed is ICM Stellar Sports Argentina on Instagram. Adios Josh.
  5. Josh Windass’ agent is a company called ICM Stellar Sports…. Funnily enough they have a few different Instagram account’s and Josh has recently started following the ICM Stellar Argentina page.
  6. More a case of he wouldn’t sign a new deal. Bournemouth were trying to buy him in January and Blackburn held on due to their play off hopes. Now seemingly linked with Nottingham Forest & our neighbours. Very good player. Shocked he’s even been mentioned for Wednesday.
  7. Being reported in Argentina now by a man with 150k followers.
  8. Gillingham have turned down some decent offers for Tucker. He’s only 22 and played over a 100 games, I’d like him myself. We have been linked with Boyle a few times yes. Seems he scores quite a few goals. Agree on Camara, he would be a great signing.
  9. I tend to save the link of any players we are linked with in the summer. So here’s a few, I may have missed a couple so feel free to add. Paudie O’Connor - Bradford - CB https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-keeping-transfer-tabs-on-league-two-captain-3604359 Jack Tucker - Gillingham - CB https://thewednesdayblg.wordpress.com/2022/04/13/exclusive-gillinghams-jack-tucker-top-of-darren-moores-sheffield-wednesday-summer-wishlist/ Will Boyle - Cheltenham - CB https://www.portsmouth.co.uk/sport/football/portsmouth-fc/portsmouth-transfer-news-pompey-huddersfield-sheffield-wednesday-and-preston-linked-defender-will-boyle-told-he-deserves-his-move-3666422 Elliot Anderson - Newcastle - LW/AM https://inews.co.uk/sport/football/elliot-anderson-bristol-rovers-league-two-loan-newcastle-1613262 Marko Marosi - Shrewsbury - GK https://the72.co.uk/272604/sources-sheffield-wednesday-keen-on-shrewsbury-town-goalkeeper-marko-marosi/ Panutche Camara - Plymouth- CM https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-plymouth-argyles-panutche-camara-on-owls-transfer-radar-3695496 Brendan Wiredu - Colchester - CM https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/brendan-wiredu-sheffield-wednesday-looking-at-former-charlton-athletic-midfielder-3701750
  10. Would prefer Dean. Thought he was outstanding when he played. Also a couple years younger than Flint. We’ve also been linked with Jack Tucker at Gillingham & Will Boyle who has left Cheltenham. We essentially need a whole new back 3.
  11. Thought he looked good this season when he played. Was a strange decision to sign a CB with a broken leg and then constantly rush him back which always appeared to lead to more injuries.
  12. Not really a fair comparison though? A lot of Johnson’s minutes have been spent at CB and a lot of NML’s are playing as a striker…
  13. Surprised with Hutchinson. Glad we’re trying to keep Luongo & Hunt. Not so bothered about NML, I don’t see where he fits into a 352.
  14. Not too disheartened. I thought he was abysmal up to the Doncaster game and in all fairness finished the season quite strong. Thought Moore may have kept him, but if we are aiming for a top 2 finish it’s pretty apparent our striker department needs an upgrade. Turned out to be a much better signing that I thought he would.
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