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  1. Barca are about £850 million in debt but their income is not far off that. Both Spanish giants have grotesque overspent ,maybe they should brake that habit to fix their troubles
  2. Opinion: US owners find American-style greed doesn't play well in European soccer
  3. Looks like it. The Madrid boss Perez was saying one of the faults of football was the games were too long earlier. Pitiful stuff.
  4. Inter and AC Milan are going to withdraw. Inter saying "they are no longer interested in the project"
  5. This guy works for Real Madrid tv so presumably Perez has leaked that
  6. Rotherham v Boro tomorrow. Law of the Ex , Boro win surely
  7. Wonder how this game is going to end up. Mates a big Derby fan, so them going down would make the pub more bearable
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