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  1. Best thing on British telly, has been for years now.
  2. Yeah they’ve confirmed “mature tone” for Wolverine. It really can’t be open world, it’s got to be a more God of War style story driven 20 hour thing. Can’t see co-op stuff with Spider-Man really, I think the action is too fast to have it make any sense at all. What I totally can see happening is a character switch system like GTA V where you can change at will to Peter or Miles and follow their missions when you want, then getting funnelled down specific character paths when the story needs it. I can also see Venom becoming available as the 3rd playable character mid-game too, going from villain to antihero after you beat him with Peter and Miles at some point. Pretty sure Venom won’t be the main villain anyway, someone else was talking to him in the trailer. We’ve also had the Green Goblin tease in the first game.
  3. Sorry, meant to quote you in my above post.
  4. I don’t think he’ll be a proper antagonist to be honest, maybe a good guy/bad guy mix. I really like the look they’ve gone for with Thor.
  5. One of the worst movies I’ve seen in the last few years. Utter garbage.
  6. It’s the nature of their stuff really, they aren’t afraid to tackle any genre. There’s a similar track called Yuk Foo on their second album which is similar. Got to say though, the track you’re referring to ‘Play the Greatest Hits’ comes across as maybe a fun little experiment on the album but if you watched them at Reading festival is was outstanding, one of the best in the set. 13 mins in on iPlayer The entire set is brilliant really. I’m believing more and more that ‘How Can I Make It OK’ could be the best song ever written.
  7. What’s wrong with WWE? Bringing Lynch back to squash Bianca in seconds for the title after all that? What awful booking.
  8. I’m not that bothered about not getting a new GTA game every console generation. We got Red Dead 2 with the PS4/Xbox One era and to be honest that’s enough for me. Rockstar games have become so big and long that they end up kind of boring sometimes for me. I couldn’t play one every couple of years. Read Dead 2 was so impressive in many ways. The world, graphics, animations, voice acting, story, etc. But still half the time playing it I was so bored. Give me a 15 hour Naughty Dog game any day.
  9. Been with Zen since we moved 5 years ago. By far the best around in my opinion. Getting 60 download speed, call centre in Rochdale and they always answer in seconds if you ever need them. Which is rarely, we had one issue in all this time which ended up being a corroded wire at our end. Sorted by them in a matter of days.
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