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  1. Strictly between you and me so lips zipped, but Richard Branson’s Virgin are chomping at the bit to get involved! Can’t say it’s a surprise all these mega businessman and their company’s have finally woken up and seen what a great opportunity they’ve got here. It was only a matter of time.
  2. Miles away from being anywhere near EPL standard.
  3. Or try something a bit radical and vote for what you think is the actual best goal? I mean seriously, doesn’t it just de-value the award otherwise?
  4. Fair enough. But as regards exposure world wide due to name nobody will have heard of Forest Green Rovers but plenty will have heard of Forest. Due in no small part no doubt to their European Cup wins. I’d suggest they’d be a far more like target for the likes of Red Bull. Unique name, rich history and great support.
  5. Did you see the funny side though while you were there? I honestly think despite buying a ticket I would have fell off my seat laughing at the absurdity of it
  6. It really isn’t any different to many other clubs, better than some and poorer than others. There’s nothing special at all about it. Not enough to attract an investor over other similar clubs anyway.
  7. I can’t believe this match isn’t at least on the red button. Two biggest clubs in the division in 2nd and 8th and they’d rather put on Forest and Huddersfield!!! Winds me up, surely they’d rather go for the biggest TV audience?
  8. Thanks, genuinely for going to the trouble of explaining that. I’ll never understand how something that someone has created on a computer can be worth anything though. To me it sounds like I could go out and create Owling coin, limit it to 20,000 copies but make it impossible for someone else to replicate. I could value each copy at £10,000 and sit back and wait for the money to roll in. Honestly, it’s mind boggling how people fall for it.
  9. Well I read about half of that before giving up because I didn’t understand a frigging thing about NFT’s and crypto currency and have no clue where their money’s come my from. They might as well have been talking in Latin, in fact I’d probably have understand a bit more. So all in all they sound perfect to to take over Wednesday, following a growing tradition of having the the most unsuitable candidates possible to take charge of this club.
  10. So this is the Barcelona of League One v the Real Madrid of League One. Joking aside this match has to be the most attractive match this league has had to offer for years.. The two stand out giants of League One. A mouth watering fixture to round of the year!
  11. It’s not if it’s not totally understandable, winning away to Crewe.
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