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  1. It needs to end this season a. to make up for the disappointment of S5 when we were all led to believe that would reveal H, and it didn't b. it's becoming a charicature of itself with all the catch-phrases and so on. c. it becomes a soap opera if it does go on
  2. Well if Spurs can get in the ESL anything can happen
  3. I can think of something but you'd still have 25 minutes left
  4. Playing for Man City he scored against Arsenal, his former club, then runs the length of the field to the opposite where he celebrates in front of the Arsenal fans, who'd be goading him all game Or he may just be annoyed that someone stole the cow he was about to milk
  5. Don't do yourself down. That's the most constructive post in the thread
  6. The comparison to the cricket is one I thought of too. Think the difference between what's happened there and this ESL is that football's appeal is globally much broader and the Chinese and Indian markets (maybe USA too) represent the big revenue opportunity What happened to the other thread in the General Section?
  7. I don't think Kate's (not our one off of here) dead. I reckon Ryan's cheap as chips workshop gun malfunctioned and blew up in his hand. Dunno even if Ryan's dead either. Kate (not our one) and/or Jo could've just winged him so's they get him interviewed. Plus, Steve could have a go back and bust up Ryan's fingers
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