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  1. I really think something needs changing in mens tennis. The games are too long now - 4 or 5 hours sometimes; how is that enjoyable?!!
  2. You joined in October last year so, yes, you are quite a newbie.
  3. He is one of the most overrated players ever.
  4. I can’t think of anything worse than this for any parent. My thoughts are with you Paul.
  5. You really are trying to make a name for yourself aren’t you?
  6. Rovrum have set themselves a precedent now. They should now never get new players to train with them if they have not yet signed a contract. Somehow, I can’t see them sticking to it.
  7. Hmmm. What happens in Portugal stays in Portugal. Maybe the two Michaels could join the group as guests of the club - strictly with a view NOT to train with their future team mates.
  8. Byers - he has everything a midfielder needs plus goals. He's like a modern day Bryan Robson (there I go getting carried away again!)
  9. I think Darren Moore is a great manager. I can’t remember the last manager since Carlos that has recruited the players we need in the position we need them (in fact, we all know that Carlos didn’t get that combative midfielder that we really needed). Moore is also the first manager since Carlos to find a winning tactic and formation and exploit it. He has his faults but firstly, that is why he’s managing us and not a Prem team and secondly, he’s still quite young for a manager and still learning his trade. I think some people won’t like Moore because he doesn’t give a great interview, some people won’t like him because he has, at times, appeared hesitant to change a game tactic and, I’m sorry to say (because it’s a sad indictment on our society), some people won’t like him because he’s a black man - I know I’ll get pelters off some on here for mentioning that but I honestly believe it’s the case. By no means am I saying anyone in the thread is racist - I am just referring to certain people in our entire fan base.
  10. It’s a connective that is used to create compound nouns. Surely you are aware of that? It’s basic English grammar using the correct syntax.
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