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  1. Harsh. I think he has showed he is a good championship player.
  2. I saw that. No doubt she would have been encouraged and probably lifted by I assume one of her parents. What happens then if that young girl had fallen and really hurt herself?
  3. One will probably be on a Tuesday night in November and the other rearranged for Sky also on a Tuesday.
  4. Mansfield please. They will bring more to Hillsborough.
  5. I doubt in league 1 we will get better than Sammy.
  6. Stop talking common sense. It won’t catch on.
  7. Im disappointed Sammy wasn’t offered a new deal and also the fact we are looking to offer a deal to NMD who hopefully will refuse and move elsewhere. Lets see who we bring in.
  8. Very cowardly as Sharp wouldn’t have even seen him coming. I’m guessing the moron that has attacked Sharp will be getting a knock on the door vey soon
  9. Lees was never a crap player for Wednesday.
  10. The last time Jordan Rhodes hit double figures in a season was 2015/16 He is barely championship standard now.
  11. He didn’t score goals for us in decent numbers, he didn’t score loads for Norwich or Middlesborough or even Huddersfield this time around. He did well for Huddersfield first time and Blackburn. We signed him on the decline.
  12. Shame he rarely showed that for Wednesday then.
  13. He had service when he was here, he is just wasn’t /isn’t good enough any more. I think he has scored a whopping 3 or 4 goals this season.
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