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Community Answers

  1. Playing for a team 9th in the Turkish league (Scored 5 in a 7 nil win over the team in 19th place)
  2. It was a long wait for Inter and AC to get back on top but it shows it can be done. (Those going against City will have to try and do the same)
  3. Pep made 2 good and brave changes. (Shouldn’t have ever started Fernandinho though)
  4. I can’t wait for Wednesday to have all their success and win the league like City
  5. Burnley don’t have any current heroes do they? Barnes ?
  6. the Etihad though… had its moments hasn’t it
  7. Jahssmelsocfnnwsbhewixjxhehsossodbendhsjwhshshshshshssshshshshshsshhsshsbdwppdofiufucuvienpapapxkvvkrkbwhssbsv
  8. As if you’d bet on Gundogan and Rodri as the goal scorers
  9. Pressure isn’t it for one….. and crossing the ball into the box head height seems no good (until Haaland gets here)
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