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  1. Thought this thread would have been active tonight, did either of them get a game
  2. And to think they used to batter us about our prices.
  3. The world famous acoustics at the sty must be being affected by the rain tonight, can here a pin drop
  4. Wednesday Fans: Why don’t clubs just give us more tickets? Also Wednesday Fans: We’re going to turn up pissed and kick off if they try to enforce the pre notified conditions of entry. SMH
  5. Selling won’t stop the club getting a penalty, in fact the impending penalty is probably one on the stumbling block preventing a sale.
  6. I’ll be looking forward to the hour long special from football heaven tomorrow then……or maybe not.
  7. How old is the PC? How old is the phone? Does the PC network card support 5GHz Wi-fi? So many variables it’s very difficult to pinpoint the reason.
  8. Corbeanu On loan from wolves qualifies Gibson On loan from Everton qualifies
  9. What if we offer him as much as financially possible within the rules and he doesn’t want to sign? Do we sell and get a fee or hold on knowing he may be the piece of the jigsaw which seals promotion? Would any fee we could currently get be worth more than promotion back to the championship? Don’t know the answers by the way, just that in reality the decision is not as black and white as us fans sometimes see it.
  10. Oh of course, but says little for them buying in to Slav’s philosophy & style if half the team still pine for cwissy and the overlapping centre backs. Can only lead one way, thankfully for us.
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