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  1. Eerr...just realised I compared Corbeanu to Ronaldo recently. So apologies to the OP. Ah sod it....Bannan is the next Xavi.
  2. I think Dunkley has more chance of being the next Paul Warhurst tbh. That's how crazy this OP is lol. Dunkley has been great...but let's keep our feet on the ground a bit huh?
  3. Maybe it's a loan to buy Corbeanu? #wecandream
  4. Give it to Billy Sharp as player manager. Pashun.
  5. 7 goals and 3 assists in 14 league starts I think? Very good stats.
  6. If Dunkley gets injured...we are screwed.
  7. Wolves fans knew he was a bit special and were surprised he was loaned out. Tbh, I can see why he was loaned out. He's not quite the finished article but for this level...he's basically a league one Ronaldo when he was a young'un.
  8. Player of month. Which is harsh on Theo....but Dunkley is just ridiculous.
  9. Yeah best performance this season. So so glad we finally won after going behind. Huge monkey off our back.
  10. Played well. Being next to Dunkley must be such a confidence boost for him. He will learn plenty.
  11. If Luongo and Windass stay fit....we have a real chance. Big if though....
  12. Good. He will be angry and will end up hitting someone doing a crazy overtake. Nailed on.
  13. Would be a classy addition. Seems unlikely though if there is lots of interest in him. What's Aden Flint up to nowadays?
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